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L'outil de visioconférence appear.in devient Whereby
18 September 2019Blog EN

The video conferencing tool Appear.in becomes Whereby

Communicating easily by video with your customers, prospects or your online accountant, you all dream of it! But when it comes to the meeting, you all too often realize that finally the set up of a suitable solution is much less...

Justificatifs notes de frais avec Blendy expert-comptable en ligne
17 July 2019Blog EN, Partner Apps

Get rid of your expense receipts

The management of expense reports and expense receipts is a touchy issue. Until now, in France you had to carefully keep each receipt in order to send it to your accountant for entry into your accounts. As a result, you accumulate...

Blendy French online CPA with QuickBooks
20 June 2019Blog EN

Blendy: online accountant, but not only…!

As a start-up, an eCommerce or an international SME you may want to move your accounting online or to streamline your existing online accounting? There are many online accountants nowadays. So, what distinguishes Blendy by Cogesten...

Boostez votre e-shop Magento avec QuickBooks
24 May 2019Blog EN

Boost your Magento e-shop with QuickBooks

Magento is one of the preferred e-shop software for e-merchants. Evolutive and robust, Magento offers many features such as SEO optimisation, blog setup, private sales, delivery tracking and the possibility to customize...

Avec Receipt Bank, QuickBooks et Blendy by Cogesten gagnez du temps
22 May 2019Blog EN

How Receipt Bank will save you time (and money)

Do you spend several hours every month collecting, scanning and sending your supplier invoices, expense tickets and other bills to your online accountant? So, you probably don’t know Receipt Bank yet. Thanks to this free...

Comment pieux piloter votre entreprise avec Blendy et les rapports de gestion QuickBooks
15 May 2019Blog EN

Stop driving your business on the off chance

Driving your business at guesswork is like making a cake off the cuff. You are very likely that the result is not up to your expectations… It is therefore essential to have access to reliable financial indicators to better...

Facturation plus rapide et efficace avec Blendy et QuickBooks
9 May 2019Blog EN

How invoicing becomes a child’s play with Quickbooks

Like any conscientious business owner, you create and send your customer invoices every month. And as soon as you lag behind on sending your invoices, it will also delay the payment of your bills and will have a direct impact on your...

Stop aux mauvais payeurs avec Legalcity, QuickBooks et Blendy by Cogesten
24 April 2019Blog EN

Forget your bad payers and boost your cash flow

As entrepreneur or business owner you know it. There is nothing more stressful than a bad payer. It penalizes your cash flow and can, in the worst case, jeopardize the survival of your business. And in addition you’ll have to...

Bonnes Pratiques Quickbooks par Blendy Expert Comptable certifié
2 April 2019Blog EN

5 best practices for QuickBooks Online

Blendy by Cogesten, as digital accountant, has more than 15 years of experience on QuickBooks Online in France and internationally.   We therefore would like to share some best practices for an optimal use of this accounting software....

Shopify et QuickBooks pour gérer votre e-boutique plus facilement
29 March 2019Blog EN

Keep calm and connect Shopify with QuickBooks

Did you know that you can sync QuickBooks with your Shopify store too? Shopify is together with Prestashop (read our article on Prestashop) and WooCommerce among the best known solutions to create its online store. Now, Shopify also...

Blendy, PayPal et Quickbooks pour facilier vos paiements client
13 March 2019Blog EN

Get your bills paid online with PayPal

PayPal, is the undisputed leader of online payment with about 9 million users in France. The advantage of PayPal is that once your account is created and the payment method defined, you can pay simply by entering an email address. And...

Blendy et Depenses Express de Quickbooks
27 February 2019Blog EN

New QuickBooks feature for your expense receipts

Do you fight with your vouchers to make your expense reports? You had them stored somewhere in your wallet, but do not find them anymore right now… As a result, you will again waste time and energy retrieving these tiny pieces of...

Blendy GoCardless et Quickbooks et satisfaction client
14 February 2019Blog EN

With GoCardless increase your customer satisfaction!

To access your services, do your customers pay a monthly subscription, quarterly or even one-off invoices? So you probably know, running every month after client payements is time-consuming and weary. Between reminders, manual cheque...

Blendy Receipt Bank et Quickbooks pour gagnez du temps
12 February 2019Blog EN

Receipt Bank: more time and more efficiency

In a small company, the motto is often “multi-skilling”! You must be able to do everything. Sell ​​and generate revenue, find new customers, make sure they pay on time while paying your suppliers, promote your business on...

Blendy Stripe et Quickbooks pour synchroniser vos paiements
5 February 2019Blog EN

Boost your Stripe payments with QuickBooks

Do you have an online store? Do your customers pay with Stripe on your e-shop? With QuickBooks, finally get rid of manually entering your receipts, refunds and customer payments. Simply connect your payment applications with your...

Blendy Qonto et Quickbooks pour mieux gérer votre trésorerie
30 January 2019Blog EN

Qonto + QuickBooks = Take control of your cash flow!

Better manage your cash flow Managing your cash is a little (let’s say a lot) the sinews of war when you manage a small business, start-up or as entrepreneur. And having a real-time view of your treasury is essential, if not vital,...

PrestaShop et QuickBooks pour booster votre e-commerce
24 January 2019Blog EN, Partner Apps

PrestaShop and QuickBooks will boost your e-commerce!

Boost your e-shop You already work with PrestaShop, a turnkey e-commerce solution for managing your online store. Did you know that by connecting PrestaShop and QuickBooks you will boost your e-commerce while saving time daily?...

Blendy.co - Experts-Comptables internationaux certifiés QuickBooks
18 January 2019Blog EN, Partner Apps

Easy expense notes with Expensya and QuickBooks

Every month, it’s the same nightmare to make your expense reports! You must find and file all your receipts, update an Excel file by adding your mileage, send all to your manager for refund or directly to your accountant. In...

Applications partenaires Blendy expert comptable digital certifié Quickbooks et Receipt Bank
16 January 2019Blog EN

Why choose QuickBooks as an accounting software?

At Blendy by Cogesten we have since long time made the choice to work with the QuickBooks solution with and for our customers. Here’s why! Customize It is essential to strengthen your credibility towards your customers,...

Blendy.co - Experts-Comptables internationaux certifiés QuickBooks et Receipt-bank
9 January 2019Blog EN

Change Accountant: how and why?

We have been asked many times since the beginning of the year. And this, on a recurring point, which always seems to raise many questions. How to change accountant in France? However, the procedure stated by French law and the French...

Blendy.co - Experts-Comptables internationaux certifiés QuickBooks et Receipt-bank
6 December 2018Blog EN

Calendly: optimize your calendar and your time

No more going back and forth When you are a small team, there is not necessarily someone dedicated to managing your appointments. However, managing an agenda, finding the right date, confirming the presence of guests can quickly become...

Blendy Cogesten Expert Comptable Digital
19 November 2018Blog EN

Simplified lead management with Zapier and QuickBooks

The challenges of a start-up To start small and to stay small is not the same thing. Every business starts small, initially with one person and an idea, and grows up from there. This growth is synonymous with more customers and more...

Blendy Cogesten Expert Comptable Digital
4 October 2018Blog EN, Partner Apps

QuickBooks and Stripe: Automating your Sales

Stripe is a must among current online payment solutions. QuickBooks the major player in online accounting for SMEs. With the Stripe app, your customers can pay by credit card directly on your website. They are not redirected to an...

Experts Comptables Online Quickbooks Receipt Bank Croissance Startup
20 September 2018Blog EN

Start-ups: How do you manage growth?

When you are piloting a start-up, you quickly have to face situations that may directly impact the futur of your company. Even if your business is profitable and growing, it can still be in default. Between the payment delays of your...

Blendy.co - International CPA certified QuickBooks and Receipt-bank experts
11 September 2018Blog EN

Blendy by Cogesten launches its new website!

Blendy by Cogesten launched this summer its new website. It offers our services a better visibility and highlights our focus on apps and on a new type of 100% digital accounting services. At Blendy, we pay special attention to your...

Dartagnan & BbyC - Blendy.co certifié QuickBooks et Receipt Bank
23 June 2015Blog EN, Customer stories

Bastien Goullard, founder

Blendy is a new type of accountant firm that provides quality and progressive services. Its founder, Noham is always available and responsive which was for us necessary....

Blendy.co - Experts-Comptables internationaux certifiés QuickBooks et Receipt-bank
23 June 2015Blog EN, Customer stories

Maxime Cohendet, CEO

Blendy carefully guide us through the entrepreneurship path which can be tricky. They also are always available and help us daily to take the right ways....


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