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Blendy provides news and articles about QuickBooks, Receipt Bank and other Apps making things easier for your accounting, tax, cash flow, invoicing, payroll and workflows. 

Factures certifiées pour eCommerce avec QuickBooks et Blendy Expert-comptable en ligne

Certified invoices for Prestashop, Shopify and Magento with QuickBooks

Vous gérez une e-Boutique sur Shopify, Prestashop, Magento ou WooCommerce qui s’adresse aux particuliers ?

Alors, vous savez probablement déjà que depuis Janvier 2018 vous devez obligatoirement émettre des factures certifiées. Et pour cela vous devez utiliser un logiciel de facturation conforme à la loi anti-fraude. De plus, les données enregistrées dans votre logiciel doivent être inaltérables, sécurisées, conservées et archivées.

Do you manage an e-Shop on Shopify, Prestashop, Magento or WooCommerce aiming individuals?

Then you probably know that since January 2018 if your company is registered in France and VAT liable you have to issue certified invoices. Therefore you must use an invoicing software that complies with the French anti-fraud law. In addition, the data stored in your software must be unalterable, secured, stored and archived.

Why not switch to QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a certified accounting software that meets all the requirements of the French law and thus the four conditions below:

  • Unalterable: The source information related to the sale of your products is unalterable and must be recorded in your accounting books (called FEC in French). Thus, once issued, you cannot change the information on your invoices. However, you can issue credit notes or substitute invoices if necessary.
  • Secured: QuickBooks guarantees optimal security with banking-level encryption of all your data. This ensures that they are perfectly protected when they are saved in and transferred via the software.
  • Stored: Once your books have been closed, the data will be stored for a minimum period of 6 years by QuickBooks.
  • Archived: Finally, with QuickBooks’ closing feature you can archive directly online all of your book entries. Furthermore, this allows you to access them at any time.

In addition, if the French tax administration requests it, you can download a compliance certificate directly from your QuickBooks software with a few clicks.

Further benefits of using QuickBooks

Even though several eCommerce platforms integrate dedicated invoicing solutions, as an online Accountant we recommend you to switch to a more reliable and efficient external solution such as QuickBooks. Especially since QuickBooks will not only manage your invoicing.

Because QuickBooks allows you to streamline all your financial processes to get rid of your non-value added administrative tasks. You can register your supplier invoices directly via the QuickBooks app and monitor your bank account by connecting Receipt Bank. This also allows you to perfectly control your cash flow.

QuickBooks can be connected to up to 750 applications that also allow you to manage your stock and inventory to ease the management of your suppliers and purchases. You also have access to many dashboards to help you make the right decisions at the right time. In other words, easy and efficient business management.


With Blendy’s support in addition

Et pour vous aider maximiser le potentiel de QuickBooks, faites appel à Blendy by Cogesten, Expert-comptable QuickBooks depuis plus de 15 ans. Nos équipes vous accompagnent tant au niveau technique et comptable. Mais aussi pour vous conseiller dans vos besoins en financement et vos enjeux fiscaux.

Vous voulez en savoir plus ? Réservez un e-RdV de 30 minutes, nous sommes certain que vous serai convaincu.

And to help you maximize the potential of QuickBooks, call on Blendy by Cogesten, a QuickBooks Certified Accountant for more than 15 years. Our teams provide both, technical and accounting support. And also, advise you for your financing needs and tax issues.

Want to know more? Book a 30-minutes call, we are sure that you will be convinced.


With Blendy, QuickBooks certified online Accountant, you benefit from quality advice and services, all while automating your time-consuming administrative tasks.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – certified QuickBooks Premium
Excellence for your growth!

Blendy French online CPA with QuickBooks

Blendy: online accountant, but not only…!

As a start-up, an eCommerce or an international SME you may want to move your accounting online or to streamline your existing online accounting? There are many online accountants nowadays. So, what distinguishes Blendy by Cogesten from the others?

Making life easier

Blendy by Cogesten, online accountant firm was created 15 years ago. It is the digital department of the Cogesten group, which counts more than 140 employees in 8 offices throughout France.

“As online chartered accountants, we pursue one single objective: making business leaders’ life easier.” Noham Layani, Blendy by Cogesten CEO

That is why we have chosen to collaborate with QuickBooks, one of the most efficient solution for online accounting on the market. Moreover, we are the 1st QuickBooks accounting firm in France, with more than 10 years of expertise on QuickBooks for French and international clients.

Apps addict

We pay great attention to your applications such as QuickBooks, Receipt Bank, Google, Slack, Stripe, Payfit, etc. Our aim is to help you connect your apps to streamline your financial processes intelligently.

With QuickBooks you can connect up to 750 apps. and automate most of your workflows. Your payroll data is automatically transferred to QuickBooks. Your sales are transmitted from your CRM to Quickbooks in one click. Your invoicing can be done in just a few clicks, even with your smartphone. And you can monitor your turnover and cash flow in real time with clear and scalable dashboards.

The guarantee to save you as much time as possible on a daily basis. So you can stay focused on what really matters for your business development.

Advice and support

Beside technology and apps, our difference also lies in our teams that make up Blendy by Cogesten online chartered accountant. They are the backbone of the firm and are dedicated to you on a daily basis. They capitalise on the automation of your financial processes and change them into a growth lever for your business.

Brinigng together different business cultures and backgrounds, our teams delivers traditional French accounting expertise associated with the Anglo-Saxon service culture. We advise and guide you with customised services on subjects essential to the development of your company such as taxation, financing, HR, business creation


“Driving you towards your goals is our core purpose. Thanks to our digital tools and our international culture, you no longer have to suffer from your accounting, you take control of it! “Noham Layani, Blendy by Cogesten CEO


Do you want to know more? Or to talk directly from CEO to CEO? Just book a call


With Blendy online accountant take advantage of quality advice & services while automating your administrative tasks.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – QuickBooks Premium certified
Excellend for your growth!

Expert-comptable en ligne QuickBooks Blendy by Cogesten

Online or digital accountant, how to make the right choice

Nowadays there are numerous online chartered accountant who often cover many different tools and approaches. So, what criteria should be considered when making your choice?

An online chartered accountant should be able to provide you with the same service as a traditional chartered accountant, such as document entry, tax declarations, preparation of your annual balance sheet and so on. So how do you make the right choice?

Which selection criteria

Tools and features

The quality of the accounting software used comes first. The solution must allow you to save time and increase efficiency. Since your competitiveness is our main concern, we use the best technologies available on the market. That is why Blendy by Cogesten, online chartered accountant is collaborating with QuickBooks since several years.

QuickBooks allows to automate your accountant and financial processes and offers plenty of additional features:

  • transmit your accounting documents directly via the QuickBooks platform with a secured backup to be able to access them at any time
  • manage your invoicing in a few clicks, even from your smartphone
  • manage your receipts and cash flow simply by connecting to a solution such as Receipt Bank
  • connect up to 750 of your favorite apps such as Slack, Stripe, Qonto, Shopify… with your accounting software


To support you on a daily basis, you must be able to communicate with your online accountant at any time. With Blendy by Cogesten you choose the way you prefer: per e-mail, phone, Slack, Hangout, web conferencing…

We also do set up a team of dedicated experts to supprt you in streamlining and automating your accounting and financial processes. And our Consultants are there to help you make the right choices for your tax optimization, your financing, your statements… (see here all our Services).


To easily manage your activity and develop your company according to your objectives, you must be able to get your annual report without waiting several months. At Blendy by Cogesten, digital accountant, the issuing of your balance sheet is accelerated thanks to QuickBooks and can be done very quickly.

QuickBooks also allows you to generate any necessary short-closing statements whenever you need them, for instance when you want to negotiate a bank loan or an overdraft.


At Blendy by Cogesten, online chartered accountant or digital chartered accountant, our aim is to:

  • save you time every day by automating your accouting and financial processes
  • increase your efficiency through seamless communication with our teams
  • improve your business management thanks to KPIs and data updated in real time
  • streamline your financial and work flows through rigorous processes and end-to-end support.

As a QuickBooks accountant for more than 15 years, we support many startups, e-Commerce and international SMEs, such as Anyleads, Dartagnans, Fitle, Adventure Conseil…


Blendy by Cogesten provides its clients a great quality of service while eliminating 100% of their administrative tasks.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – certified QuickBooks Premium
Excellence for your growth!

Solution de paiement Adyen et Blendy Expert Comptable QuickBooks

With Adyen your customer payments are possible in any country

Do you have stores in several countries? Your customers buy on your e-shop from all over the world? Therefore, you must be able to process a multitude of different currencies and payment methods. Then Adyen is for you.

Multi-country, multi-currency

Founded in 2006, this Dutch player offers a multi-country payment solution with a unique plateform. Thanks to its European location, Adyen has been used to dealing with a multitude of local payment methods. It is now one of its strong points with the management of more than 250 local and international payment methods.


Another feature of Adyen is its ability to offer several entry points for your customer payments.

Adyen offers of course secure online and mobile payment for e-commerce. But Adyen also meets the needs of retail with payment terminals connected in stores.

And the solution also includes tools dedicated to marketplaces, allowing you to easily manage your various sub-merchants.


With Adyen you have access to many advanced configuration options based on customer preferences, transaction history, location, etc.

To help you optimize your customer experience, the solution also provides detailed reporting on business performance, payments (including approvals and refusals) and transaction history.


Adyen compte plus de 3000 clients dont des grandes entreprises, ETI, et PME. C’est aujourd’hui la plateforme choisie par de nombreux acteurs de l’économie collaborative (Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, Netflix…), de marketsplaces (Facebook, LeBonCoin, Groupon…), de l’e-commerce et du retail (Sarenza, L’Oréal, Sephora, H&M…).

Adyen has more than 3000 customers including large companies, mid-caps and SMBs. Today, it is the platform chosen by many players in the collaborative economy (Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, Netflix…), marketplaces (Facebook, LeBonCoin, Groupon…), e-commerce and retailers (Sarenza, L’Oréal, Sephora, H&M…).

Integration and implementation

Blendy by Cogesten is the first French online accounting firm, focused on excellence and international development, to be 100% digital both in our internal processes and in our communication with our clients.

We advise and support many e-commerce players and international companies to automate and streamline their financial processes. We also have a dedicated team to help you integrate advanced technology applications and solutions with your own systems.

Accessible at any time, you can now exchange with them by simply booking a call.

Blendy by Cogesten, #ExpertsComptables3.0 supports French and international companies in the development of their business and the streamlining of their financial processes.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – QuickBooks accountant for international companies
Excellence for your growth!

Mieux gérer vos leads avec Pipedrive, QuickBooks et Blendy by Cogesten

Improve your lead management with Pipedrive and QuickBooks

Pipedrive is an easy-to-use and affordable CRM, which allows you to manage your sales pipeline and transform your prospects into customers. You access a detailed overview of the progress of your leads and know when to chase up or not, when to send a proposal, etc.

Pipedrive is of course customizable according to the typology of your leads. The CRM also includes a mobile application and a dashboard for real-time monitoring.

It is an ideal solution for companies that want to professionalize their lead management quickly and simply.

Go further!

A frequent concern in lead management is the updating of the various management systems. Thus, it is not uncommon to have a phone number in your CRM that is different from the number indicated in your accounting systems. Because your CRM has probably been updated, but not your books.

To put all the chances on your side and sign new contracts more easily, all you have to do is synchronize Pipedrive with QuickBooks. This eliminates data entry errors and duplication between your leads and your accounting. So, when you create a new lead on Pipedrive, QuickBooks will automatically register this information and create a new customer account.

Integration with QuickBooks will also allow you to automatically generate quotes, invoices or credit notes based on the status of a lead in your pipeline. And it works both ways. Thus, when a customer payment is recorded in QuickBooks, it will automatically update your customer’s status in Pipedrive and vice versa.

It also allows your sales representatives to access the customer’s sales history, to better adapt to their needs.

How to proceed?

As a digital chartered accountant, Blendy by Cogesten has been QuickBooks certified for over 15 years. We help you to define your sales pipelines and the desired automation with QuickBooks on Pipedrive. We also support you to integrate your other applications with QuickBooks to automate the synchronisation of all commercial, financial and logistical information with your accounting.

Book a call with our experts now to define together the workflows and financial processes necessary for the successful development of your company.


Blendy by Cogesten, English and French speaking Online Chartered Accountants, supports you to remove 100% of your non-value-added tasks.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – QuickBooks Premium certified
Excellence for your growth!


Boostez votre e-shop Magento avec QuickBooks

Boost your Magento e-shop with QuickBooks

Magento is one of the preferred e-shop software for e-merchants. Evolutive and robust, Magento offers many features such as SEO optimisation, blog setup, private sales, delivery tracking and the possibility to customize customers’ user space….

But these functionalities can only be used if the accounting and financial workflows of your online shop are perfectly mastered, to avoid becoming an obstacle to your development.

Why associate Magento with QuickBooks?

Thanks to QuickBooks and Magento integration, you benefit from additional functionalities, to become even more efficient in the management of your e-shop.

Control your revenu and cash flow

Each payment recorded on your e-shop is automatically registered into QuickBooks. You know in real time and at any time the revenu you achieve. Discounts and promotions, but also shipping and other related costs are also managed in QuickBooks without your intervention. This of course, gives you precise visibility on your margins and cash flow.

Control your inventory

Products that you add (or delete) under Magento are automatically saved in QuickBooks. This allows you to identify the most profitable product lines and better anticipate your purchases.

Control your invoicing

For each order placed in your online store, QuickBooks will generate and send a corresponding invoice (or credit note). Again, you don’t have to do anything. The entire process is managed automatically. You clearly reduce the time spent on your administrative management. And you are sure that your accounting reflects the real situation of your business.

How to proceed?

The synchronization of your data and the automation of your financial processes must be carried out with care. To do this, you must configure and match the different fields of both systems. As QuickBooks Chartered Accountant, we have been supporting e-merchants for many years now in their synchronization process of their Shopify, PrestaShop or Magento platforms with QuickBooks.

Our technical and business teams are at your disposal to answer your questions and support you in the successful integration of Magento and QuickBooks. Book an call now!


Read more:

PrestaShop and QuickBooks will boost your e-commerce!

Keep calm and connect Shopify with QuickBooks



BbyC, QuickBooks certified Online Accountant, helps you automate your online sales processes and eliminate 100% of your administrative tasks.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 QuickBooks certified
Excellence for your growth!


Avec Receipt Bank, QuickBooks et Blendy by Cogesten gagnez du temps

How Receipt Bank will save you time (and money)

Do you spend several hours every month collecting, scanning and sending your supplier invoices, expense tickets and other bills to your online accountant?
So, you probably don’t know Receipt Bank yet. Thanks to this free application you will save a considerable amount of time!


With Receipt Bank you can now send all your supplier and expense invoices in a few clicks to your digital accountant.

  1. Start by downloading the Receipt Bank application to your smartphone
  2. Then, take a picture of your invoice directly from the application

  3. Click on « Send » and you are done!

As soon as you receive a new supplier invoice by mail, you scan it with the application and it’s done. The same applies when you pay for an expense with your business card. All you have to do is take a picture of the ticket and send it in.

Your documents are thus automatically and effortlessly transmitted to your accountant. And if you have synchronized Receipt Bank with your QuickBooks accounting software, your invoices will automatically be saved in your accounting system. All your online accountant has to do is check and validate the accounting entries.


With Receipt Bank you can also send several invoices at once. Simply log into your Receipt Bank online account. Then download a PDF document containing an invoice with several pages, or up to 50 invoices in a single PDF.


Receipt Bank also allows you to automatically retrieve every month online invoices from your recurring suppliers, such as your electricity or internet provider. This saves you having to connect individually to each of the portals and websites. Learn more: Read the article on Receipt Bank’s features


Stored on a secure cloud server, you can access your invoices and documents at any time and whenever you need them. All you have to do is search by date, amount or supplier name.


So, install the Receipt Bank application on your smartphone now to save time every month. And take the opportunity to relax or chill, or just do what you like!

And, to set up synchronization with QuickBooks Online and benefit from updated accounting in real time, ask us! Blendy by Cogesten is QuickBooks and Receipt Bank certified and many of our customers already benefit from this application.


Blendy by Cogesten, #ExpertsComptables3.0 aims to get rid of 100% of your non-value-added tasks.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #ExpertsComptables3.0 – QuickBooks and Receipt Bank certified
Excellence for your growth!

Comment pieux piloter votre entreprise avec Blendy et les rapports de gestion QuickBooks

Stop driving your business on the off chance

Driving your business at guesswork is like making a cake off the cuff. You are very likely that the result is not up to your expectations… It is therefore essential to have access to reliable financial indicators to better understand and better anticipate the development of your business.

Like any good entrepreneur, you probably created an Excel file first. However, it can quickly show its limits, and its update become extremely tedious and time consuming. Not to mention the time spent asking your Chartered Accountant for additional information.

Thanks to QuickBooks, you have direct access to all your financial data

Indeed, QuickBooks integrates many dashboards, reports and graphics ready to use or customizable according to your needs. Your data is automatically updated and you can easily follow your KPIs in real time. In the blink of an eye, you can see your revenue per customer, unpaid invoices, cash flow, and more.

To access and create reports on QuickBooks, it’s super simple:

  1. Start by first generating the report you want to get:
    • Income statement
    • Short closing (see also our article on “smart closing)
    • Overdue invoices (Ageing balance)
    • Cash collection
    • etc.
  2. Then, customize the date rangess, columns, filters, and other options to refine your report as needed
  3. Finally, save this new custom report and you are done. Your report will aftwards be visible in the “My Custom Reports” list

Last but not least, to become even more efficienct, you can schedule automatic emails to share the report. Simply choose the frequency and email address of your recipient(s). And you can even attach the report in Excel format to your emails.

And if you do not want to rack your brain, we are at your disposal to take care of all the steps of the set up. Certified QuickBooks accountants, we offer our customers our expertise of more than 15 years on QuickBooks and Receipt Bank.

Blendy by Cogesten, #ExpertsComptables3.0 helps you automate your accounting and financial processes to support the development of your business.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #ExpertsComptables3.0 – certified QuickBooks Premium
Excellence for your growth!

Facturation plus rapide et efficace avec Blendy et QuickBooks

How invoicing becomes a child’s play with Quickbooks

Like any conscientious business owner, you create and send your customer invoices every month. And as soon as you lag behind on sending your invoices, it will also delay the payment of your bills and will have a direct impact on your cash flow. Billing is therefore a vital issue for the sustainability of your business!

So, it’s time to simplify your life and automate this tedious process thanks to QuickBooks!

Create invoices in seconds

QuickBooks allows you to automate the creation and sending of all your invoices, bills, quotes, etc.

Simply create a customer account on your QuickBooks, complete the name, address, contact email, etc. and define the types of services or products you want to invoice. Then, in a few clicks you create either an quote first, which you can then turn into a bill in one click, or directly a final invoice.

Once your invoice is validated, the document is automatically sent to your client by email, without having to intervene.

The Plus that will make the difference

CUSTOMIZATION: You can personalize your invoices with your colors, your logo, your terms and conditions, etc. using a template in QuickBooks or by directly creating your own.

REMINDER: You can integrate a payment date for each invoice. QuickBooks will automatically send a reminder to your outstanding customers. And you can track your unpaid invoices via a dedicated report available in your QuickBooks.

STORAGE: All of your bills, quotes, etc. are stored and archived securely in QuickBooks. You can access them at any time and do not lose any more documents.

ACCOUNTING: Your invoices are automatically registered in your QuickBooks accounts and your digital accountant, such as Blendy by Cogesten, can track receipts and reconcile with your accounting documents.


Thus, with QuickBooks you are sure to save time every month by automating your invoicing process. A worry less to manage. And more time to focus on what really matters!

If you do not know how to take it, ask our teams. As QuickBooks specialists, they help you to configure and set up all your documents and processes in QuickBooks.


At Blendy by Cogesten, our goal is to eliminate 100% of your non-value-added tasks by automating your financial and accounting processes.

By Noham


BbyC – #Experts-comptables3.0 – QuickBooks certified
Excellence for your growth!

Optimisez la gestion de stocks avec Blendy et QuickBooks

Boost your Inventory Management with erplain & QuickBooks Online

To optimize the profitability of your online store and/or physical store, or as wholesaler or distributor, beyond customer management, it is essential to control your stocks and supply chain. That’s why, in order to make your life easier and be more efficient on a daily basis, QuickBooks Online now allows you to connect to erplain.

Dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses (B2B and B2C), erplain is an online application for inventory and sales management. Simple and user-friendly, it allows you to track your inventory in real time, automate your purchases, and manage your quotes and invoices. All synchronized with QuickBooks Online.

Optimize your inventory in real time

With erplain, you can easily manage all your inventory and products, regardless of your distribution channels or the number of warehouses.

  • Follow in real time the available stock, taking into account all sales and purchases in progress.
  • Issue inventories at any time.
  • Manage Multi-warehouses.
  • Define your selling prices
  • Manage products sold in batches, packs or kits
  • Access detailed reports (valuation of stocks, profitability reports, best sales follow-up…)

Master your supplies

Easily manage your resupplies, purchases and all of your suppliers, anywhere in the world.

  • Centralize your supplier accounts
  • Define reorder points and alerts to anticipate stock-outs
  • Generate purchase orders in 1 click
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Trace your purchase orders with product references and expiry dates
  • Handle easily partial or staggered deliveries from your suppliers
  • Use barcode reading for quick entry of incoming products

Boost your sales

Boost your business thanks to optimized sales prices, dedicated product bundles or assemblies, precise order and shipment tracking and much more ….

  • Create purchase orders in seconds from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Define price grids per customer or customer types
  • Create dedicated access for your sales teams
  • Ship directly from your suppliers to your customers
  • Set up pick lists and bin locations to speed order processing in your warehouse
  • Handle easily product returns, re-stocking and generation of refunds


And Blendy by Cogesten, your QuickBooks Accountant, supports you to configure and synchronize all your information between QuickBooks and erplain, and ensure a quick and seamless setup.

Thus, by combining erplain and QuickBooks Online you automate and simplify the inventory management, you reduce the risk of error, you better manage your purchase and sales prices, you better anticipate possible stockouts …

In short, you save time, gain efficiency and improve your customer satisfaction. The best way to boost your growth!


BbyC, expert comptable QuickBooks Online, helps you automize your workflows et accelerate your business developpement.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 certified QuickBooks Online
Excellence for your growth!

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