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Blendy your International & French CPA provides news and articles about QuickBooks, Receipt Bank and other Apps making things easier for your accounting, tax, cash flow, invoicing, payroll and workflows. 

Sellsy & QuickBooks - intégration avec experts-comptables en ligne

Manage with Sellsy, recover with QuickBooks

You use Sellsy for your sales management and want to connect it with your QuickBooks accounting?
So easy with Blendy dy Cogesten, your online chartered accountant!

Simplified customer management

Sellsy is a French online sales management software, launched in 2009. Much more than a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the solution allows to gather all customer information in a single place. The main advantages of the solution are:

  • PROSPECTION: follow and manage efficiently the different leadgen steps (pipeline view, lead scoring, lead tracking, automated follow-up emails…)
  • 360° CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT: your teams have access to all customer data (comments, emails sent, documents shared, invoices, customer support…)

Accounting under control

Sellsy also allows you to issue quotes and invoices, and even includes an online payment feature. Once edited, you just have to export your documents and accounting entries in just a few clicks. And that’s where things can sometimes get a little more complicated.

For those who have chosen QuickBooks, the market leader in accounting software, you will be pleased as punch. With nearly 20 years of experience on QuickBooks, we are experts in integrating applications with QuickBooks. Even if your application is not referenced among the 750 QuickBooks apps.

Our apps experts will analyse your invoicing elements and identify the different processes and financial flows. We then configure the two platforms so that they can communicate with each other in real time and without your intervention.

A tailor-made approach that saves you time, secures invoicing processes and simplifies your bookkeeping!


Need help connecting Sellsy with QuickBooks? Book a call on our website now.

Our teams will be delighted to assist you. And they will also help you connect your other favorite apps such as Receipt Bank, Stripe, Qonto, Slack, Libéo, etc. Which saves you even more time and efficiency!


Blendy by Cogesten makes business leader’s life easier by automating their financial process and eliminating 100% of their worthless administrative tasks.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – International online CPA – certified QuickBooks Premium
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We Buy & - Experts-Comptables en ligne certifiés QuickBooks et Receipt-bank

Save on your purchases with We Buy

Overhead costs, an important expense item for VSEs – SMEs

Les frais généraux englobent généralement les éléments suivants :

Overhead expenses generally include the following items:

  • Consumables (office supplies, cleaning products, tools, etc.)
  • Technical services (cleaning, reception, logistics, security…)
  • Intellectual services (communication, legal, research…)
  • Investments (works, fittings, IT equipment, etc.)
  • Taxes and contributions (property taxes, professional taxes, contributions…).

However, these overheads represent nearly 15 to 25% of a company’s turnover. Optimizing these costs is therefore essential, especially for VSEs and SMEs. Indeed, when you are a small company, it is not always easy to negotiate the best purchase prices.

First of all, because you usually order smaller volumes. Secondly, because you do not always have the time and in-house resources to negotiate more advantageous terms with your suppliers.

We Buy, the kost-killer solution for small businesses

French start-up, We Buy is a French start-up offering a smart management solution that allows small companies to outsource their purchasing function. The solution is positioned as a central purchasing unit with negotiated framework agreements with several suppliers for a multitude of products and services.

More advantageous prices

By pooling the needs of its members, We Buy allows them to benefit from 15 to 65% savings on their purchases. Economies of scale to which a small company alone would not have had access.

And the framework contracts negotiated with each of the suppliers are not simply limited to the price. They also include advantageous conditions on maintenance, delivery times and a variety of other advantages (environmentally friendly products and processes, etc.)

More effective management

We Buy provides a dedicated platform that centralizes all products and services at reduced prices. It allows you to easily place and manage your orders, track your invoices and purchase history. You no longer have to contact the different suppliers one by one and negotiate the terms. This will save you time and serenity.

It also integrates specific features according to the different types of suppliers (frequency management, retrieving products ordered via the platform, etc.).

To date, We Buy already offers a catalogue of 14 supplier categories, covering office supplies, snacking, photography, telephony and much more.

Tailor-made support

A team of experinced buyers and a dedicated contact person will support you at all times. At the beginning of the collaboration to assess your needs and immediately identify the expenses that can be reduced. Then to take charge of all your purchases and manage any contingencies.

For specific services or products not yet listed in the catalogue, We Buy teams will on demand source the right supplier for you. They will also manage the entire process: the call for tenders, negotiate the conditions, help with contractualization and even monitor implementation.

We Buy is thus an awesome kost-killing tool dedicated to VSEs and SMEs! And new members are currently benefiting from 6 months of free membership.


Of course, with Blendy by Cogesten, QuickBooks certified digital CPA, you will also be able to automatically reflect your receipts in your accounting and QuickBooks. This allows you to better control and manage your cash flow, a key factor for small structures.

Blendy by Cogesten, international online CPA, supports you to streamline your financial process while eliminating 100% of your administrative tasks without added value.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – QuickBooks Premium certified
Excellence for your growth!

Libeo & - Experts-Comptables en ligne certifiés QuickBooks et Receipt-bank

Libeo & QuickBooks: the winning combination for your supplier invoices

Discover two essential tools that make VSEs’ and SMEs’ life easier!

Pay your suppliers on Libeo in one click

Libeo is a French start-up, created in January 2019, which offers a platform for managing and paying your supplier invoices. Combined with QuickBooks, leading accounting software, allows you to save time and gain control on your cashflow management.

All you have to do is extract your supplier invoices that you have registered in QuickBooks. No need to re-enter your invoices. With Libeo data recovery becomes easy thanks to a its mass or email upload feature. Libeo will read the invoices and automatically extract all important information including the identity of the supplier and the VAT amount.

Then, you simply pay your invoices via Libeo, which interfaces for this purpose with your bank account or with the Receipt Bank app for example. Again, there is no need to re-enter the information manually. You pay in one click, without entering an IBAN, simply with the email of your supplier.

Of course, you can schedule payment deadlines, send a notification and track payment history.

Automatically register your payments with QuickBooks

QuickBooks will automatically reflect the payments in your books. This way, you manage the validation of your payments. QuickBooks and your accountant are in charge of retrieving, reconciling and validating the information received.

As a result, your accounting and cashflow are updated without your intervention and reflect your exact situation in real time.


At Blendy by Cogesten, our objective is to make company leaders’ life easier and free time by automating administrative tasks without added value. With Libeo and QuickBooks it’s done! You avoid unnecessary manual entries and regain control of your financial profitability.

Do you still have doubts? Book a call on our website and chat with our teams. They will provide advice on how to proceed and what other apps can be interfaced with QuickBooks to save you even more time and increase efficiency.


Blendy by Cogesten, an online accountant, will help you streamline your financial process while eliminating 100% of your administrative tasks.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – QuickBooks Premium certified
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Tille caisse enregistreuse digitale et QuickBooks par Blendy expert-comptable en ligne

Move your cash register on iPad with Tiller

Created in 2014, Tiller is one of the leading digital cash register apps in France. Today, this FoodTech start-up already has nearly 8,000 customers and offers about 200 functionalities adapted to all types of businesses and companies: restaurants, bars, food-trucks, but also craftsmen, shops, co-working spaces or franchises.

Simply installed on an iPad, Tiller also offers a receipt printer, a cash drawer for your cash receipts and a contactless credit card reader.

Saving time

The Tiller app allows you to significantly reduce order registration time thanks to its simple and userfriendly interface, accessible via iPad and smartphone. This will also reduce the time you spend training your teams on the app. They will quickly and easily take ownership of the app.

Extremely flexible, you can edit your menus and prices at any time, and add or delete products according to your supplies. In addition, Tiller offers the possibility to scan your store products to speed up order registration.

Improve customer satisfaction

Tiller allows to accept many different payment methods (cash, credit cards…) to fit with your customers’ requirements. You can also separate or split bills to allow multiple payments.

And for your business customers who need to justify their expenses, the application will easily edit personalized invoices and receipts.

Offer additional services

Constantly evolving, the Tiller app also offers advanced functionalities. Thus, you can add a “booking” button within your site or your social networks. Simply connect it directly to your Tiller app to easily manage restaurant or meeting room occupancy.

With Tiller, you can also offer delivery or takeaway options (“click & collect”). With advance or on site payment, everything is connected and managed in real time straight from the application.

For co-working spaces, Tiller goes even further by offering a time and date stamping system, to record occupancy acurate to the minute and automatically generate corresponding invoices.

Develop your business

You keep at any time control of your business, by accessing from your mobile or PC, to key reports and indicators: turnover, attendance, occupancy time, etc. This allows you to anticipate possible activity fluctuations.

To synchonize your financial flows with your accounting, simply give your accountant access to retrieve the necessary information. As digital CPA, Blendy by Cogesten offers extensive knowledge of QuickBooks and its partner apps. We will train and support you to synchronize Tiller with QuickBooks. This will help you streamline and automate your financial process and facilitate the management of your business globally. This again saves you time and increases business efficiency on a daily basis.

In short, Tiller, like Blendy by Cogesten, make business leaders’ life easier!

Blendy by Cogesten, French online CPA, will help you streamline your financial process while eliminating 100% of your administrative tasks.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – QuickBooks Premium certified
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Extrait Kbis gratuit via MonIdenum

The French “extrait Kbis” certificate is now free of charge

What is an “extrait Kbis” in France?

In France a certificate of incorporation is called “extrait Kbis“. It is an official document issued by the Registrar Office of the Commercial Court (Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce). This document confirms the legal existence of your company and its registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

It includes:

  • the name of the registration office
  • company information (legal form, capital, company name, founder, head quarter, trade name, etc.)
  • the registration number
  • the activity code

Generally, you will have to provide this “company ID” when opening a business bank account, to answer calls for tenders or requests of your accountant. For instance, if you wish to work with Blendy, French online CPA, we will ask you to provide this certificate as starting point of our collaboration.

The French “Kbis” now free of charge!

Until now, obtaining this certificate of incorporation in France was unfortunately not free of charge, even if the cost was rather reasonable (less than 4€). But since this certificate is only valid for a period of 3 months, you were often obliged to renew your certificate (and budget) several times within a year.

But that was before!
Since October 2019, as legal representative of a French company you can get in a few clicks a recent French Kbis certificate free of charge. Indeed, in the continuity of the latest French financial laws, the Registry has set up a secure online platform: MonIdenum (available currently only in French).

The purpose of this platform is to simplify the lives of business leaders by making it easier for them to contact the Registry. Today, companies registered in the RCS, RSAC or RSEIRL can therefore obtain their certificate of incorporation for free and as often as necessary on the MonIdenum website.

From now on, to obtain your French “Kbis extract”, simply register on the portal by providing a copy of your ID-card or passport, your company name, your email address and your phone number. The system will then automatically verify this information with the Registry records. Your account is instantly confirmed, which allows you to generate a unique authentication key.

Then, you simply connect to your dedicated space with this key and download your certificate via the “Kbis & Performance” tab. It’s that simple and quick!

This makes indeed registered companies’ life easier!


Blendy by Cogesten, online CPA, supports you to streamline your financial processes while eliminating 100% of your administrative tasks.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – QuickBooks Premium certified
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Expert-comptable en ligne Blendy by Cogesten

How to choose your online CPA?

Many firms have now integrated digital technologies. These digital accountants generally offer the same services as a traditional CPA while providing tools to manage your accounting more easily.

Finding a digital CPA should therefore be easy. But simply digitizing the entry of your invoices, VAT returns, or the establishment of your annual balance sheet it is not enough to meet the nowadays expectations. 

So how do you make the right choice when you are a start-up, an eCommercce or an international SME?  Which selection criteria should you use?

Digital tools and apps

The first thing an online Chartered Accountant should be able to recommend is a powerful accounting software. It must be able to automate your recurring administrative tasks such as editing quotes, invoices and credit notes. The objective is to save you time and efficiency.

As a French online CPA, simplifying the lives of business leaders with digital solutions is our “raison d’être”.

That’s why Blendy by Cogesten collaborates with one of the most powerful online accounting solutions on the market: QuickBooks. We now have more than 15 years of experience on QuickBooks. 

Because, in addition to automating your accounting tasks, QuickBooks also includes many smart features:

  • Simplified transmission of your accounting documents directly via the software, even from your smartphone
  • Automation of your entire invoicing process: from the edition, sending and until the reminders
  • Validation of your payments and receipts by simply connecting Receipt Bank
  • Real-time monitoring of your turnover, cash flow and customer receivables thanks to clear and intuitive dashboards
  • Integration with 750 of your favorite apps such as Slack, Stripe, Qonto, Shopify… to go even further in automating your management processes

Unfailing availability

Even when you automate your financial process, your online accountant remains essential. Acting as a member of your team, he is there to support you on your daily development challenges. You must therefore be able to communicate with your CPA at any time. At Blendy by Cogesten we adapt to your requirements. We are available by email, phone, Slack, Hangout, web conferencing….. 

From the very beginning of our collaboration, we give you access to our team of dedicated experts to facilitate and maximize the automation of your management processes. And our Consultants are there to assist you on an ongoing basis to optimize your tax returns, find financing, and much more… (see all Blendy by Cogesten Services)

Constant reactivity

To develop your business, obtain financing or a line of credit from your bank, you must be able to have your annual balance sheet at hand on time, without having to wait several weeks or even months. At Blendy by Cogesten, French Online CPA, the preparation of your balance sheet is made easier thanks to QuickBooks and can be done very quickly.

With QuickBooks you can even generate intermediate management situations (short-closing) every month if necessary. This will increase your visibility and reassure your banker.


So, by choosing Blendy by Cogesten, you can be sure to:

  • save time every day by automating your accounting and financial processes
  • increase efficiency through smooth communication with our teams
  • boost your business management with real-time visibility on all your indicators and data
  • optimize your financial flows with efficient processes and end-to-end support

In short, you will spend less time on your accounting and more time on what really matters, to see life through rose-tinted lense!


Blendy by Cogesten, French Online CPA helps French and International SME to streamline their financial processes while eliminating 100% of their administrative tasks.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – QuickBooks Premium certified
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Automatisez vos process RH et comptable avec NEwDeal QuickBooks et Blendy expert-comptable en ligne

NewDeal, the new French HR management app

Payroll in a different way

Nowadays, the issuing of pay slips is becoming increasingly complex. And with the French withholding tax system, the process tends to become even more time-consuming for both HR managers and employees. It is time to lighten and simplify this tedious process!

NewDeal is a 100% French online HRIS solution. Designed to ease employer-employee relations, it allows to automate the issuing of pay slips and makes HR management more fluid.

On the “Employees” side

Each employee has access with NewDeal to a personal online account. Easy to use, it allows you to manage your holiday requests and to declare any absences, short-term leave, and extra hours in a few clicks. The platform also offers the possibility to view a detailed history of the various requests and an actual count of holidays and RTT days.

This personal account allows employees to easily enter their expense reports and travel reimbursements requests.

On the “Employer” side

The administrative team has access to a centralized and real-time view of the data entered by each employee. Each administrator and/or manager will thus be able to confirm at any time via his dashboard the various requests for holidays, leaves and reimbursements.

At the end of each month, a simple click is all it takes to close the payroll and edit the pay slips, which will then be available in each employee’s personal account. And of course, social declarations (DSN, DPAE, attestation Pôle Emploi, CUCS, DADS, etc.) and other contributions are calculated and generated automatically by NewDeal.

NewDeal, QuickBooks Partner

Since this summer, NewDeal is part of QuickBooks‘ partner applications. The integration of your HR solution with your accounting solution is thus perfectly seamless. QuickBooks will automatically retrieve the various information needed to update the accounting and finance process.

This way, you are sure to get all the data related to payroll: amount, contributions, social security contributions, etc. And once reflected in your accounts, you will also be able to control your cash flows in real time.

In the end, using NewDeal and QuickBooks saves you 4 to 5 days of work every month.

A common objective

Blendy by Cogesten, your French online CPA, QuickBooks certified for over 15 years, knows all the advantages QuickBooks offers to automate and streamline your financial process. We support many of our clients in the migration and integration of QuickBooks with their other management applications. We do even train them on all features to maximize the use of QuickBooks.

Today, Blendy shares the same aim with QuickBooks and NewDeal: to make life easier for business leaders and eventually eliminate 100% of administrative tasks without added value.


To find out more about how we can help you, give us a call! Our teams will be happy to set up the step to allow you to save 4 to 5 days every month!


BbyC, QuickBooks certified online accountant, helps you automate your financial processes and eliminate 100% of your administrative tasks.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #ExpertsComptables3.0 – QuickBooks certified online CPA
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L'outil de visioconférence devient Whereby

The video conferencing tool becomes Whereby

Communicating easily by video with your customers, prospects or your online accountant, you all dream of it!

But when it comes to the meeting, you all too often realize that finally the setup of a suitable solution is much less obvious! Connection problems, payment obligation or tedious activation… the last-minute inconveniences you may encounter are numerous.

At Blendy by Cogesten, online CPA, we communicate with our clients using one of the simplest videoconferencing tools on the market: becomes Whereby devient Whereby is a collaborative solution that comes straight from Norway. Created in 2014, the company has faced a long-standing trademark dispute. That is why it is now changing its name to Whereby.

Simple and easy to use

No need to download a software or an application. Simply create your user account on the Whereby website by entering your email address. No need neither to choose a username or password. Each time you log back into your account, the platform will automatically generate a random access code and send it to you by email.

Then, you juste have to give a name to your “videoconference room”. This creates a link, which you can then share with your guests, to launch your first videoconference. And all this takes you less than 2 minutes!

Advanced functionalities

The free version allows you to create a meeting room (i.e. 1 link) for 4 participants. With the Pro version you can create up to 3 videoconferencing rooms with up to 12 participants. And the Business version even allows you to customize the URL of your video meeting rooms with your own company name.

Whereby has been specially designed for computer-based video exchanges and is accessible via the main browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It obviously includes a secure connection (SSL encryption). In addition, everything is managed based on peet-to-peer without storage on Whereby’s servers.

During your meeting you then exchange with your guests thanks to the microphone of your computer and your webcam. You can also share your screen and send text messages. Everything to make your meeting a success.


You now understand why Blendy by Cogesten has chosen this tool to communicate with its customers. Intuitive, user-friendly, secure, what more could you ask for from a turnkey videoconferencing solution?

If you want to know more about how we work with our client and how we make their life easier thanks to smart apps like Whereby, QuickBooks, Receipt Bank and others, just contact us. Our teams are always happy to answer all your questions.


Blendy by Cogesten, Online Chartered Accountant, supports start-ups, eCommerce and international companies in automating and digitizing their business processes.

by Noham

Blendy by Cogesten – #ExpertsComptables 3.0 – Online CPA certified QuickBooks & Receipt Bank
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Maitriser vos impayés avec Upflow, QuickBooks et Blendy by Cogesten

Connect QuickBooks to Upflow and get rid of your unpaid bills

Payment delays are a recurring problem for French companies. Few customers pay in time and you often have to wait between 30 to 60 days to get your money on your bank account. This of course weakens your cash flow. And puts your company’s financial health under pressure.

With QuickBooks you can now associate an application that will significantly relieve you: Upflow

What is Upflow about?

Upflow is a French startup founded in 2018 by two entrepreneurs, Alexandre Louisy and Barnaby Malet. This new Fintech start-up offers a performing invoice tracking solution to better control your debt collection.

This Cloud-based solution is particularly suitable for B2B SMEs that generate between 1 and 50 million euros revenues and publish many small invoices. For example, caterers, transporters, distributors, or recruitment agencies…

Upflow already serves a hundred customers in France, including Frichti and iziwork, and has just completed its first fundraising campaign.

Why connect QuickBooks and Upflow?

Upflow recently joined QuickBookspartner applications and perfectly completes QuickBooks’ functionalities.

Thus, integration and synchronization with your existing invoices and contacts in QuickBooks is done in a few clicks in a simple and intuitive way.

Then, when you create your invoices on QuickBooks, thanks to Upflow, you can schedule and customize reminders according to your needs. You can choose to send automatic reminders on a specific date or opt for personalized reminders based on specific agreements you have set up with some of your customers.

The application offers easy-to-follow dashboards that easily complement those of QuickBooks enabling you to monitor your customer receivables in real time.

In addition, Upflow allows you to offer your customers additional payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, direct debit) and also to manage payments with foreign suppliers. And of course, your receipts are synchronized with QuickBooks and your bank account, for up-to-date accounting and complete control on your company’s financial health.


Do you want to integrate Upflow into QuickBooks? Ask our teams! Blendy by Cogesten, online CPA and QuickBooks specialist for over 15 years, supports you in choosing and synchronizing your QuickBooks accounting system with many smart applications to automate your financial process.


Blendy by Cogesten, international online accountant, helps you regain control of your cash flow and support the financial health of your business.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #ExpertsComptables3.0 – Online CPA, certified QuickBooks & Receipt Bank
Excellence for your growth!


eCommerce facile avec Blendy, QuickBooks, Shopify et erplain

erplain + Shopify + QuickBooks : 3 apps to better manage your e-shop

When you manage multiple storage locations and sales channels, inventory management is a critical issue for your company. Because it has a direct impact on sales and customer satisfaction.

Imagine, you are a wholesaler or distributor of sports equipment, wine or office supplies. To increase your sales, you already offer your products via an e-commerce platform and also directly to retailers or in physical stores. What happens if a customer places an order for one of your products on your online store when you have a few minutes before sold out your stock directly to another customer? It’s a disaster!

The only way out is to pick up your phone to let the first one know that his order will be delayed at the risk that he simply cancells his order. In the end, you will have lost time and probably also lost a customer who will now prefer to order from one of your competitors… Yes, it’s a pain, we know it!

Time to switch to erplain and automate your processes

Thanks to erplain, you will now be able to automate and professionalize your inventory management. Especially designed for start-ups, VSEs and SMEs, erplain is a simple and intuitive solution for optimal stock and supply management.

  • Multi-warehouse: Manage and monitor your stocks in real time even if your products are stored in several locations (warehouses, physical shops…)
  • Multi-currency: Optimize and manage your supplies even if you have suppliers in several countries (Europe, China, US…)
  • Multi-channel: Manage your orders and accelerate your sales even if you have several points of sale (e-commerce, shops, direct…)

It is also an extremely complete solution that integrates advanced features such as barcode scanning or dropshipping.

Go even further with Shopify and QuickBooks

If you have a Shopify e-shop, it becomes even easier. Simply connect erplain with Shopify so that the available products are reflected in real time in your e-shop. You then manage your stocks centrally via erplain regardless of the number of e-shops, points of sale and warehouses you need to manage.

You can also connect erplain to QuickBooks Online to automate your entire financial process. Your quotes, purchase orders, invoices and refunds are synchronized in real time with your accounting and cash flow. This way you know at any time your revenue and can anticipate your cash flow to the point to manage your supplies and purchases.

If you don’t know where and how to start, just ask Blendy by Cogesten, Online CPA. We already support many French and international companies for the synchronization between erplain, Shopify and QuickBooks. We will ensure a painless implementation and providing advanced know-how to automate your financial and management flows.

The guarantee to save time and efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.



BbyC, french online accountant, helps you automate your workflows and accelerate the development of your business.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #Experts-comptables3.0 – French online CPA certified QuickBooks
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