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Justificatifs notes de frais avec Blendy expert-comptable en ligne

Get rid of your expense receipts

The management of expense reports and expense receipts is a touchy issue. Until now, in France you had to carefully keep each receipt in order to send it to your accountant for entry into your accounts.

As a result, you accumulate somewhere, in a shoe box or at the bottom of your wallet, a whole bunch of small pieces of paper, restaurant receipts and credit card bills… And generally you are postponing sending these cumbersome documents to your accountant, at the risk of losing a large part of them over time.

Scan your receipts…

Today, with Blendy by Cogesten, your French Chartered Accountant, you have the opportunity to digitize these receipts. Expensya or Receipt Bank are our two favorite apps for this. Both allow you to manage your expense receipts simply and easily. So, as soon as you pay for an expense, you simply take a photo of it with your smartphone. The app will save a copy for you.

And if you also combine these apps with QuickBooks, your expenses are automatically entered into your accounting. This saves you time and efficiency.

… and throw them to the bin!

Since March 2017, the French tax authorities have already accepted that if you digitize your customer and supplier invoices, you do not have to keep a paper copy. But URSSAF (the french social security system) was still reluctant to apply this also for expense receipts. Indeed, if you were not able to present the original paper version of your receipts, the URSSAF could reclassify these costs as taxable benefits. And therefore apply employer and employee charges.

Only a few weeks ago, however, the situation changed. Following a French decree published at the end of May 2019, the obligation to keep paper documents was officially abolished. Since July 1st, 2019 you can throw away your receipts if they have been correctly scanned.

However, this does not apply to expenses made before this date. And in any case the French administration must be able to check who took the photo, when and if subsequent modifications were made, etc. In summary, the digitisation must be certified by an approved trusted third party and kept for at least 6 years.

If you still have doubts, or hesitate to digitize 100% of your French invoices and expense reports, just book a 30-minutes-call with a Blendy advisor. He will give you all the information and advise you on the software and applications you should implement to make the financial process of your french entity even more efficient.

Then rejoice, you will finally be able to say goodbye to your countless shore boxes!


BbyC, your French online accountant, helps you to eliminate 100% of your administrative tasks through the automation and digitalization of your business tools and processes.


By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – French Accountant – QuickBooks certified 
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Calendly & - Experts-Comptables internationaux certifiés QuickBooks et Receipt-bank


Automise and simplify your online meeting sceduling

Pandadoc & - Experts-Comptables internationaux certifiés QuickBooks et Receipt-bank


Connect your biz dev tools with your accounting systems and get rid of your time consuming processes

Expert Comptable Quickbooks connecté à Payfit


Simplify your payroll management & HR processes and synchronize your data with your Quickbooks

Expert Comptable Quickbooks connecté à Qonto


Connect your online bank with your QuickBooks to manage easily your finance

PrestaShop et QuickBooks pour booster votre e-commerce

PrestaShop and QuickBooks will boost your e-commerce!

Boost your e-shop

You already work with PrestaShop, a turnkey e-commerce solution for managing your online store. Did you know that by connecting PrestaShop and QuickBooks you will boost your e-commerce while saving time daily?

It’s simple. Just add the QuickBooks add-ons to your PrestaShop online store. This allows you to automate your sales management in a snap.

You automatically generate your purchase orders, invoices, credit notes and refunds on QuickBooks for each order placed on your e-shop.

You update in real time your products, stocks and prices added on PrestaShop with your QuickBooks data and vice-versa.

You automatically create for each new customer registered on your e-commerce a customer account on QuickBooks.

You pass on the VAT, payment methods and delivery fees simultaneously on QuickBooks and PrestaShop.

Optimize your processes

By connecting these two smart solutions, you ensure that your business and accounting data is always up-to-date and synchronized in real time.

In addition, by eliminating manual entries and automating your sales process, you also eliminate the risk of errors or information entered in duplicate.

In the end, you save valuable time every day and have real-time visibility into your business.


Not convinced yet? At Blendy by Cogesten our e-Commerce customers have already set up this sales booster. We systematically support them to set up their systems and documents. And the results are there!

If you want to check, call us, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to take advantage of these benefits too.


BbyC, French & international CPA certified QuickBooks, helps you automate your sales process and eliminate 100% of your administrative tasks.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – Certified Accountants QuickBooks
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Easy expense notes with Expensya and QuickBooks

Every month, it’s the same nightmare to make your expense reports! You must find and file all your receipts, update an Excel file by adding your mileage, send all to your manager for refund or directly to your accountant. In short, you lose several hours every month, it would have been more useful to devote to your customers and teams.

With Expensya and QuickBooks you will finally breathe again and automate the management of your expense reports!

Mobile collection

Simply take a picture of your expense notes, receipts, plane or train tickets with your smartphone. The Expensya app will read and extract the necessary information and add it automatically to your management dashboard. Ditto for your mileage. Simply indicate your departure and arrival locations, and the system calculates your refunds for you.

Instant processing and archiving

No need to wait until the end of the month. You can transmit your business expenses at any time via the app. All your receipts and documents are stored and archived securely. The ideal solution to reduce the time spent monthly to collect your bills and the risk of loss of receipts.

Automated Accounting Entry

And what makes this tool really interesting is its connection to your QuickBooks Online. With the integration of Expensya and QuickBooks, your business expenses are after approval, automatically entered and integrated into your accounting. Your online accountant just has to approve expense reports and activate refunds. Together, you will be able to easily review the expenses of your employees and refine your spending policy.

So? Want to save time every month and optimize the management of your expense reports? At Blendy by Cogesten, we support you to set up your tools and apps with QuickBooks. The guarantee to make the most out of your digital solutions while staying focused on your business.


BbyC, French & international CPA certified QuickBooks, helps you eliminate 100% of administrative tasks by automating and digitizing your business tools and processes.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #ExpetsComptables3.0 – certified QuickBooks and Receipt Bank
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Expensify & - Experts-Comptables internationaux certifiés QuickBooks et Receipt-bank


Make your life easier and connect this online expense report tool with your accounting systems

Receipt Bank Apps & Blendy by Cogesten

Receipt Bank

The integration of Receipt Bank and QuickBooks offers many advantages, like automated invoice and cash collection.

Avoid wasting time and become faster and more productive

Receipt Bank is a mobile application that allows businesses to save time on managing their administrative tasks and reduce their work without adding value.

World leader in its field, more than 100,000 companies in the world already use the Receipt Bank solution.

A mobile application for instant scanning

With Receipt Bank‘s easy-to-use app, you can take a picture of your invoices, receipts, and expense reports you normally have in paper format. With just one click, you digitize your documents and instantly send them to your Receipt Bank Accountant (Comptable Receipt Bank).

Save time

Thus, the combination of Receipt Bank and your Online Accountant (or Receipt Bank Accountant) allows you to digitize part of your finance function. You easily automate the collection, retrieval and publication of all your invoices details including your expense reports. You no longer have to send these documents by email or mail to your Receipt Bank Accountant. He can consult them directly from his user space thanks to the access that you set up for him.

Improve the work of your Online Accountant

Thanks to Receipt Bank, your Digital Accountant is autonomous and you no longer have to follow and check what has been sent. There is (finally!) no more loss of data or documents. Your Chartered Accountant and Receipt Bank assure you serenity and efficiency and reduce your tasks without added value.

Fluidify the communication

Thanks to its integrated communication tools, Receipt Bank allows an incredible fluidity in the communication between companies and their Receipt Bank Accountants. This allows everyone to focus on topics that are really important for the development of your business.

Integrated with QuickBooks Online

Receipt Bank allows you to go even further, thanks to its various integrations, and especially with QuickBooks Online. With Receipt Bank, the items sent to your QuickBooks Accountant are automatically saved in your books. An electronic copy of your invoices is stored and accessible directly in QuickBooks. And your financial reports generated by QuickBooks Online will in real time reflect the collected data, giving you more visibility on the financial health of your business.

Trello & - Experts-Comptables internationaux certifiés QuickBooks et Receipt-bank


Connect your project management tool and easily communicate with your accounting team

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