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Solution de paiement Adyen et Blendy Expert Comptable QuickBooks

With Adyen your customer payments are possible in any country

Do you have stores in several countries? Your customers buy on your e-shop from all over the world? Therefore, you must be able to process a multitude of different currencies and payment methods. Then Adyen is for you.

Multi-country, multi-currency

Founded in 2006, this Dutch player offers a multi-country payment solution with a unique plateform. Thanks to its European location, Adyen has been used to dealing with a multitude of local payment methods. It is now one of its strong points with the management of more than 250 local and international payment methods.


Another feature of Adyen is its ability to offer several entry points for your customer payments.

Adyen offers of course secure online and mobile payment for e-commerce. But Adyen also meets the needs of retail with payment terminals connected in stores.

And the solution also includes tools dedicated to marketplaces, allowing you to easily manage your various sub-merchants.


With Adyen you have access to many advanced configuration options based on customer preferences, transaction history, location, etc.

To help you optimize your customer experience, the solution also provides detailed reporting on business performance, payments (including approvals and refusals) and transaction history.


Adyen compte plus de 3000 clients dont des grandes entreprises, ETI, et PME. C’est aujourd’hui la plateforme choisie par de nombreux acteurs de l’économie collaborative (Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, Netflix…), de marketsplaces (Facebook, LeBonCoin, Groupon…), de l’e-commerce et du retail (Sarenza, L’Oréal, Sephora, H&M…).

Adyen has more than 3000 customers including large companies, mid-caps and SMBs. Today, it is the platform chosen by many players in the collaborative economy (Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, Netflix…), marketplaces (Facebook, LeBonCoin, Groupon…), e-commerce and retailers (Sarenza, L’Oréal, Sephora, H&M…).

Integration and implementation

Blendy by Cogesten is the first French online accounting firm, focused on excellence and international development, to be 100% digital both in our internal processes and in our communication with our clients.

We advise and support many e-commerce players and international companies to automate and streamline their financial processes. We also have a dedicated team to help you integrate advanced technology applications and solutions with your own systems.

Accessible at any time, you can now exchange with them by simply booking a call.

Blendy by Cogesten, #ExpertsComptables3.0 supports French and international companies in the development of their business and the streamlining of their financial processes.

By Noham

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