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Optimisez la gestion de stocks avec Blendy et QuickBooks

Boost your Inventory Management with erplain & QuickBooks Online

To optimize the profitability of your online store and/or physical store, or as wholesaler or distributor, beyond customer management, it is essential to control your stocks and supply chain. That’s why, in order to make your life easier and be more efficient on a daily basis, QuickBooks Online now allows you to connect to erplain.

Dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses (B2B and B2C), erplain is an online application for inventory and sales management. Simple and user-friendly, it allows you to track your inventory in real time, automate your purchases, and manage your quotes and invoices. All synchronized with QuickBooks Online.

Optimize your inventory in real time

With erplain, you can easily manage all your inventory and products, regardless of your distribution channels or the number of warehouses.

  • Follow in real time the available stock, taking into account all sales and purchases in progress.
  • Issue inventories at any time.
  • Manage Multi-warehouses.
  • Define your selling prices
  • Manage products sold in batches, packs or kits
  • Access detailed reports (valuation of stocks, profitability reports, best sales follow-up…)

Master your supplies

Easily manage your resupplies, purchases and all of your suppliers, anywhere in the world.

  • Centralize your supplier accounts
  • Define reorder points and alerts to anticipate stock-outs
  • Generate purchase orders in 1 click
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Trace your purchase orders with product references and expiry dates
  • Handle easily partial or staggered deliveries from your suppliers
  • Use barcode reading for quick entry of incoming products

Boost your sales

Boost your business thanks to optimized sales prices, dedicated product bundles or assemblies, precise order and shipment tracking and much more ….

  • Create purchase orders in seconds from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Define price grids per customer or customer types
  • Create dedicated access for your sales teams
  • Ship directly from your suppliers to your customers
  • Set up pick lists and bin locations to speed order processing in your warehouse
  • Handle easily product returns, re-stocking and generation of refunds


And Blendy by Cogesten, your QuickBooks Accountant, supports you to configure and synchronize all your information between QuickBooks and erplain, and ensure a quick and seamless setup.

Thus, by combining erplain and QuickBooks Online you automate and simplify the inventory management, you reduce the risk of error, you better manage your purchase and sales prices, you better anticipate possible stockouts …

In short, you save time, gain efficiency and improve your customer satisfaction. The best way to boost your growth!


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By Noham

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