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Calendly: optimize your calendar and your time

No more going back and forth

When you are a small team, there is not necessarily someone dedicated to managing your appointments. However, managing an agenda, finding the right date, confirming the presence of guests can quickly become time-consuming. At Blendy we opted for Calendly that we integrated of course with QuickBooks. A simple tool, easy to use and so convenient to manage your appointments and meetings!

Embedded directly within our website, this application allows us to manage in the twinkling of an eye appointments with our customers, prospects, partners…

Because your time (and ours) is valuable, this application is an ideal solution to optimize and automate the scheduling of your meetings. No need to send several emails to find the best moment that matches your availability and those of your contact.

Set availability

In just a few clicks you schedule the type of appointments, the days and slots you are available. You have booked a client meeting for a whole day? Calendly will not set an appointment that day.

Everything is synchronized automatically and in real time with your Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud. Calendly is also compatible with GotToMeeting, Salesforce, QuickBooks and your Zapier applications. Thus, your prospects make an appointment with you and via Zapier these automatically turn into leads or even customers in QuickBooks. So you clearly save time by not having to update several different tools, at the risk of forgetting an appointment form time to time …

Customize according to your needs

You can first customize the appointment form. For example, you can ask a prospect to confirm their phone number or ask a question to prepare your interview. Everything is directly integrated into the form. You will know exactly what your contact would like to discuss about before the start of the meeting. Their answers will appear directly in your calendar and are available when you need them. And so you always arrive prepared for your meetings.

You can also change the notifications that Calendly sends automatically: confirmations and reminders. And in case of cancellation or date or time changes, you and your contact are immediately informed.

No need to run after payments

Little more? You can even collect client payments or deposits before meeting him. Simply by combining Calendly with Stripe or PayPal. This payment automation feature will allow you to focus entirely on your client’s requests and not on your cash management.


So yes ! At Blendy the Calendly solution has allowed us to focus our energy on value-added tasks. And gain lot of time every day to fully devote ourselves to our customers and prospects.

Test the solution now via our website and book your first 30 minutes meeting! You will be surprised by the ease of use and comfort of Calendly.


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