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Stop aux mauvais payeurs avec Legalcity, QuickBooks et Blendy by Cogesten

Forget your bad payers and boost your cash flow

As entrepreneur or business owner you know it. There is nothing more stressful than a bad payer.

It penalizes your cash flow and can, in the worst case, jeopardize the survival of your business. And in addition you’ll have to spend extra time on managing your unpaid bills, without the assurance of being paid in the end.

It’s time to reduce the risk to your cash flow and get things back on track without trouble your head about.

Today QuickBooks partners with Legalcity

Legalcity offers small and medium-sized companies easy-to-use and fast online collection solutions at the best price. By connecting Legalcity to QuickBooks, you regain power over your cash flow. By entrusting the recovery of your debts to Legalcity, you save valuable time on your administrative tasks. Thus, you better control your risks, and acquire (finally) more serenity in the management of your daily business.

Simple and fast

In order to be effective, a recovery must be actioned quickly. Because the more an unpaid invoice is handled early, the higher are the chances to recover the amounts due.

With QuickBooks you can now act immediately. Within your QuickBooks account, simply select your outstanding invoices. Then, with a simple click on “launch the recovery”, you entrust your bad payers to Legalcity. The entire process will immediately be supported by a dedicated advisor within Legalcity‘s teams of specialists of ​​legal recovery. No more manual entries are necessary on your side.

Friendly and courteous

Legalcity will manage on your behalf all the necessary reminders, whether by phone, email, SMS, mail and until notification by registered letter. And the progress of your different recovery files can be tracked directly via the Legalcity platform.

Beyond a commitment of efficiency, Legalcity guarantees you also to always favor “amicable” recoveries. This in order to preserve as much as possible the business relationship with your clients.

Economical and risk-free

Also, as a QuickBooks user, Legalcity offers preferential rates and no management fees. You also benefit from one of the cheapest handling rate (9%) without any minimum flat fee. The whole applies regardless of the number of recovery files launched. In short, you reduce risk and ultimately pay only for success.

So, do not wait any longer to tregain control of your unpaid debts and get rid of your bad payers. To learn how to set everything up in QuickBooks, ask our teams!


Blendy by Cogesten helps you gain peace of mind and regain control of your cash flow.

By Noham

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