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Get rid of your expense receipts

The management of expense reports and expense receipts is a touchy issue. Until now, in France you had to carefully keep each receipt in order to send it to your accountant for entry into your accounts.

As a result, you accumulate somewhere, in a shoe box or at the bottom of your wallet, a whole bunch of small pieces of paper, restaurant receipts and credit card bills… And generally you are postponing sending these cumbersome documents to your accountant, at the risk of losing a large part of them over time.

Scan your receipts…

Today, with Blendy by Cogesten, your French Chartered Accountant, you have the opportunity to digitize these receipts. Expensya or Receipt Bank are our two favorite apps for this. Both allow you to manage your expense receipts simply and easily. So, as soon as you pay for an expense, you simply take a photo of it with your smartphone. The app will save a copy for you.

And if you also combine these apps with QuickBooks, your expenses are automatically entered into your accounting. This saves you time and efficiency.

… and throw them to the bin!

Since March 2017, the French tax authorities have already accepted that if you digitize your customer and supplier invoices, you do not have to keep a paper copy. But URSSAF (the french social security system) was still reluctant to apply this also for expense receipts. Indeed, if you were not able to present the original paper version of your receipts, the URSSAF could reclassify these costs as taxable benefits. And therefore apply employer and employee charges.

Only a few weeks ago, however, the situation changed. Following a French decree published at the end of May 2019, the obligation to keep paper documents was officially abolished. Since July 1st, 2019 you can throw away your receipts if they have been correctly scanned.

However, this does not apply to expenses made before this date. And in any case the French administration must be able to check who took the photo, when and if subsequent modifications were made, etc. In summary, the digitisation must be certified by an approved trusted third party and kept for at least 6 years.

If you still have doubts, or hesitate to digitize 100% of your French invoices and expense reports, just book a 30-minutes-call with a Blendy advisor. He will give you all the information and advise you on the software and applications you should implement to make the financial process of your french entity even more efficient.

Then rejoice, you will finally be able to say goodbye to your countless shore boxes!


BbyC, your French online accountant, helps you to eliminate 100% of your administrative tasks through the automation and digitalization of your business tools and processes.


By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – French Accountant – QuickBooks certified 
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