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Créer une facture sous QuickBooks avec Blendy expert comptable

How to create a customer invoice in 2 minutes with QuickBooks

Do you use QuickBooks for your accounting? Blendy by Cogesten helps you make the most of all the capabilities and functionality of QuickBooks to automate your financial and accounting processes.

Here’s how to create your customer invoice in 2 minutes:

1 / Log in

To create a new invoice, log in to QuickBooks and click in the menu bar on the + sign at the top right. Then select “Invoice” from the list of documents.

2 / Choose the customer

Then select the customer for whom you want to create an invoice from the drop-down menu. If it’s a new customer, you can create it immediately by simply clicking “Add” and completing the requested information. Complete also the other details: payment terms, invoice date and due date, and the place of sale (for VAT).

3 / Add products and services

Then inform the products and services that you want to include through the drop-down menu. Again, you can create a new product/service easily by clicking “Add”. Fill in the quantity only. The description and price are automatically displayed according to the selected product/service. You can also specify discounts per line or globally and add an individual message for the customer or attach a document.

4 / Save

Finally, you just have to register your bill. And to save time, you can send it immediately to your customer by email. To do this, just fill in your customer’s email address next to their name.


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Blendy by Cogesten, QuickBooks qualified accountant, helps you get the most of your QuickBooks accounting system and related apps like Receipt Bank.

Our goal is to save you time every day by automating and digitizing your financial and accounting processes. Because we know that your time is precious and that you need to stay focused on the essentials!


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By Noham

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