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Blendy et Quickbooks pour des déclarations de TVA plus simple

How to manage your VAT statements (finally) without stress!

Like any business in France, you must declare to the tax authorities the output and input tax (based on your sales and purchase invoices) in order to determine the VAT that you must pay back.

However, these VAT statements are often a source of anxiety and stress, because you have to find all the documents to calculate the right amount and have enough cashflow to pay the due VAT at the right time … With QuickBooks, you will finally be able to blow and simplify you life.

The three VAT regimes in France

As a reminder, depending on the annual turnover and the legal status of your company, there are three different VAT regimes in France:

  • The actual VAT scheme

This applies if your turnover is above € 236,000 for services, or € 783,000 for commercial activities. In these cases, you must declare and pay VAT every month. You can optionally opt for a quarterly payment, if the annual amount of VAT is less than € 4,000.

  • The simplified VAT scheme

It concerns companies whose turnover is between € 32,900 and € 236,000 for services, and between € 82,200 and € 783,000 for commercial and hosting activities. Payment is due by semester, with a deposit in July and the balance in December. If the annual amount of your VAT payable is greater than € 15,000, the actual VAT regime does apply.

  • The simplified agricultural VAT scheme

This concerns farms, whose annual turnover exceeds € 46,000. The statement is made annually, and the payment quarterly.

Automate your tax returns now with QuickBooks

With QuickBooks, you will finally gain serenity and time on your VAT returns.

  • Configuration

You first need to set up in QuickBooks the applicable VAT for each product and/or service that you will bill to your customers. As described in one of our previous articles, QuickBooks helps you to generate, record and track all your customer and supplier invoices (read the article).

  • Automated calculation

Then, from the recorded invoices, QuickBooks automatically calculates in real time the amount of the VAT to be refunded to the tax authorities. This way, you know where you are at any time, and can anticipate future payments more easily.

  • Pre-filling

And QuickBooks goes even further in its automation process. In order to prepare your returns faster and easier, QuickBooks pre-filles your statements. You just have to validate them and pay the amount accordingly.

In addition, QuickBooks gives you access to all our previous statements. This allows you again to anticipate the next deadlines and balances due.


So, whether you need to pay your VAT monthly, quarterly or annually, with QuickBooks everything becomes so much simpler. You gain visibility and effortlessly anticipate your cashflow and legal obligations.

Du you have questions about the French VAT system? Do you want to simplify your VAT returns? Ask Blendy by Cogesten, QuickBooks certified Accountant. We support you at every step to set up and automate your accounting processes and your finance function.


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