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Increase visibility on your business thanks to “smart closing” and QuickBooks

In many countries “short closing” is a must. It allows interim account closings at a monthly, quarterly or hallf-year period.

These accounting approaches are extremely powerful management tools. They allow you to drive your business more efficiently and in real time. In a world where everything is a matter of days, even hours, it is a non-negligible asset.

Move to “smart closing”

With QuickBooks, you now have continuous access to your financial data, updated on a monthly basis. You can follow the evolution of your turnover and your expenses. Track instantly supplier debts, outstanding invoices and eventual missing bills.

Furthermore, with QuickBooks and Receipt Bank you can:

  • Know your margin, your gross operating surplus and your net profit in real time
  • Easily estimate your annual turnover forecast
  • Manage your cash flow, plan future payments and debts
  • Get rid of complicated and distressing closing periods
  • Track budgets in real time and understand gaps with reality

In the end, you will be able to make relevant and viable strategic decisions for the growth of your company (cost management, steering of the payroll …). All based on reliable and up-to-date figures!

At Blendy, we call this “smart closing“. And it has become a standard for all our customers. From the role of passive spectator of their activity, with Blendy they are today invested actors and battle-hardened managers of their business.

So, do not wait for your annual balance sheet to know your actual financial and accounting situation. Choose the “smart closing” approach with QuickBooks and Receipt Bank to avoid surprises at the end of the year and gain visibility on your business growth!


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By Noham

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