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Facturation plus rapide et efficace avec Blendy et QuickBooks

How invoicing becomes a child’s play with Quickbooks

Like any conscientious business owner, you create and send your customer invoices every month. And as soon as you lag behind on sending your invoices, it will also delay the payment of your bills and will have a direct impact on your cash flow. Billing is therefore a vital issue for the sustainability of your business!

So, it’s time to simplify your life and automate this tedious process thanks to QuickBooks!

Create invoices in seconds

QuickBooks allows you to automate the creation and sending of all your invoices, bills, quotes, etc.

Simply create a customer account on your QuickBooks, complete the name, address, contact email, etc. and define the types of services or products you want to invoice. Then, in a few clicks you create either an quote first, which you can then turn into a bill in one click, or directly a final invoice.

Once your invoice is validated, the document is automatically sent to your client by email, without having to intervene.

The Plus that will make the difference

CUSTOMIZATION: You can personalize your invoices with your colors, your logo, your terms and conditions, etc. using a template in QuickBooks or by directly creating your own.

REMINDER: You can integrate a payment date for each invoice. QuickBooks will automatically send a reminder to your outstanding customers. And you can track your unpaid invoices via a dedicated report available in your QuickBooks.

STORAGE: All of your bills, quotes, etc. are stored and archived securely in QuickBooks. You can access them at any time and do not lose any more documents.

ACCOUNTING: Your invoices are automatically registered in your QuickBooks accounts and your digital accountant, such as Blendy by Cogesten, can track receipts and reconcile with your accounting documents.


Thus, with QuickBooks you are sure to save time every month by automating your invoicing process. A worry less to manage. And more time to focus on what really matters!

If you do not know how to take it, ask our teams. As QuickBooks specialists, they help you to configure and set up all your documents and processes in QuickBooks.


At Blendy by Cogesten, our goal is to eliminate 100% of your non-value-added tasks by automating your financial and accounting processes.

By Noham


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