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Libeo & QuickBooks: the winning combination for your supplier invoices

Discover two essential tools that make VSEs’ and SMEs’ life easier!

Pay your suppliers on Libeo in one click

Libeo is a French start-up, created in January 2019, which offers a platform for managing and paying your supplier invoices. Combined with QuickBooks, leading accounting software, allows you to save time and gain control on your cashflow management.

All you have to do is extract your supplier invoices that you have registered in QuickBooks. No need to re-enter your invoices. With Libeo data recovery becomes easy thanks to a its mass or email upload feature. Libeo will read the invoices and automatically extract all important information including the identity of the supplier and the VAT amount.

Then, you simply pay your invoices via Libeo, which interfaces for this purpose with your bank account or with the Receipt Bank app for example. Again, there is no need to re-enter the information manually. You pay in one click, without entering an IBAN, simply with the email of your supplier.

Of course, you can schedule payment deadlines, send a notification and track payment history.

Automatically register your payments with QuickBooks

QuickBooks will automatically reflect the payments in your books. This way, you manage the validation of your payments. QuickBooks and your accountant are in charge of retrieving, reconciling and validating the information received.

As a result, your accounting and cashflow are updated without your intervention and reflect your exact situation in real time.


At Blendy by Cogesten, our objective is to make company leaders’ life easier and free time by automating administrative tasks without added value. With Libeo and QuickBooks it’s done! You avoid unnecessary manual entries and regain control of your financial profitability.

Do you still have doubts? Book a call on our website and chat with our teams. They will provide advice on how to proceed and what other apps can be interfaced with QuickBooks to save you even more time and increase efficiency.


Blendy by Cogesten, an online accountant, will help you streamline your financial process while eliminating 100% of your administrative tasks.

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