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Sellsy & QuickBooks - intégration avec Blendy.co experts-comptables en ligne

Manage with Sellsy, recover with QuickBooks

You use Sellsy for your sales management and want to connect it with your QuickBooks accounting?
So easy with Blendy dy Cogesten, your online chartered accountant!

Simplified customer management

Sellsy is a French online sales management software, launched in 2009. Much more than a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the solution allows to gather all customer information in a single place. The main advantages of the solution are:

  • PROSPECTION: follow and manage efficiently the different leadgen steps (pipeline view, lead scoring, lead tracking, automated follow-up emails…)
  • 360° CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT: your teams have access to all customer data (comments, emails sent, documents shared, invoices, customer support…)

Accounting under control

Sellsy also allows you to issue quotes and invoices, and even includes an online payment feature. Once edited, you just have to export your documents and accounting entries in just a few clicks. And that’s where things can sometimes get a little more complicated.

For those who have chosen QuickBooks, the market leader in accounting software, you will be pleased as punch. With nearly 20 years of experience on QuickBooks, we are experts in integrating applications with QuickBooks. Even if your application is not referenced among the 750 QuickBooks apps.

Our apps experts will analyse your invoicing elements and identify the different processes and financial flows. We then configure the two platforms so that they can communicate with each other in real time and without your intervention.

A tailor-made approach that saves you time, secures invoicing processes and simplifies your bookkeeping!


Need help connecting Sellsy with QuickBooks? Book a call on our website now.

Our teams will be delighted to assist you. And they will also help you connect your other favorite apps such as Receipt Bank, Stripe, Qonto, Slack, Libéo, etc. Which saves you even more time and efficiency!


Blendy by Cogesten makes business leader’s life easier by automating their financial process and eliminating 100% of their worthless administrative tasks.

By Noham


Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – International online CPA – certified QuickBooks Premium
Excellence for your growth!



Blendy by Cogesten - #CoachSuccess - Accelerated with QuickBooks

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