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New QuickBooks feature for your expense receipts

Do you fight with your vouchers to make your expense reports? You had them stored somewhere in your wallet, but do not find them anymore right now…
As a result, you will again waste time and energy retrieving these tiny pieces of paper when you have to devote your attention to more important subjects…

Keep calm, QuickBooks has the solution! The QuickBooks app includes a dedicated feature, which will definitvely facilitate your life!

All you need is to take a picture of your receipts with your smartphone. They are then automatically imported into your QuickBooks account. It only takes a few seconds and you’re done. You will never waste time again having to find your receipts!

Look at this short video to discover in only 20 seconds how it works: Watch the video here

Currently available on iOS, the Android version will arrive very soon …


This feature complements the other options already available to send your accounting documents to your QuickBooks Accountant. Thus, 100% of your expense collection and transmission is now digitized.

Your documents are transfered in real time to your Online Accountant and your QuickBooks account is always up-to-date. The guarantee of saving valuable time in managing your administrative tasks.

Want to know more about QuickBooks and how to streamline your financial processes? Noham Layani, co-founder of Blendy, answers you here.


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By Noham

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