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NewDeal, the new French HR management app

Payroll in a different way

Nowadays, the issuing of pay slips is becoming increasingly complex. And with the French withholding tax system, the process tends to become even more time-consuming for both HR managers and employees. It is time to lighten and simplify this tedious process!

NewDeal is a 100% French online HRIS solution. Designed to ease employer-employee relations, it allows to automate the issuing of pay slips and makes HR management more fluid.

On the “Employees” side

Each employee has access with NewDeal to a personal online account. Easy to use, it allows you to manage your holiday requests and to declare any absences, short-term leave, and extra hours in a few clicks. The platform also offers the possibility to view a detailed history of the various requests and an actual count of holidays and RTT days.

This personal account allows employees to easily enter their expense reports and travel reimbursements requests.

On the “Employer” side

The administrative team has access to a centralized and real-time view of the data entered by each employee. Each administrator and/or manager will thus be able to confirm at any time via his dashboard the various requests for holidays, leaves and reimbursements.

At the end of each month, a simple click is all it takes to close the payroll and edit the pay slips, which will then be available in each employee’s personal account. And of course, social declarations (DSN, DPAE, attestation Pôle Emploi, CUCS, DADS, etc.) and other contributions are calculated and generated automatically by NewDeal.

NewDeal, QuickBooks Partner

Since this summer, NewDeal is part of QuickBooks‘ partner applications. The integration of your HR solution with your accounting solution is thus perfectly seamless. QuickBooks will automatically retrieve the various information needed to update the accounting and finance process.

This way, you are sure to get all the data related to payroll: amount, contributions, social security contributions, etc. And once reflected in your accounts, you will also be able to control your cash flows in real time.

In the end, using NewDeal and QuickBooks saves you 4 to 5 days of work every month.

A common objective

Blendy by Cogesten, your French online CPA, QuickBooks certified for over 15 years, knows all the advantages QuickBooks offers to automate and streamline your financial process. We support many of our clients in the migration and integration of QuickBooks with their other management applications. We do even train them on all features to maximize the use of QuickBooks.

Today, Blendy shares the same aim with QuickBooks and NewDeal: to make life easier for business leaders and eventually eliminate 100% of administrative tasks without added value.


To find out more about how we can help you, give us a call! Our teams will be happy to set up the step to allow you to save 4 to 5 days every month!


BbyC, QuickBooks certified online accountant, helps you automate your financial processes and eliminate 100% of your administrative tasks.

By Noham

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