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Online or digital accountant, how to make the right choice

Nowadays there are numerous online chartered accountant who often cover many different tools and approaches. So, what criteria should be considered when making your choice?

An online chartered accountant should be able to provide you with the same service as a traditional chartered accountant, such as document entry, tax declarations, preparation of your annual balance sheet and so on. So how do you make the right choice?

Which selection criteria

Tools and features

The quality of the accounting software used comes first. The solution must allow you to save time and increase efficiency. Since your competitiveness is our main concern, we use the best technologies available on the market. That is why Blendy by Cogesten, online chartered accountant is collaborating with QuickBooks since several years.

QuickBooks allows to automate your accountant and financial processes and offers plenty of additional features:

  • transmit your accounting documents directly via the QuickBooks platform with a secured backup to be able to access them at any time
  • manage your invoicing in a few clicks, even from your smartphone
  • manage your receipts and cash flow simply by connecting to a solution such as Receipt Bank
  • connect up to 750 of your favorite apps such as Slack, Stripe, Qonto, Shopify… with your accounting software


To support you on a daily basis, you must be able to communicate with your online accountant at any time. With Blendy by Cogesten you choose the way you prefer: per e-mail, phone, Slack, Hangout, web conferencing…

We also do set up a team of dedicated experts to supprt you in streamlining and automating your accounting and financial processes. And our Consultants are there to help you make the right choices for your tax optimization, your financing, your statements… (see here all our Services).


To easily manage your activity and develop your company according to your objectives, you must be able to get your annual report without waiting several months. At Blendy by Cogesten, digital accountant, the issuing of your balance sheet is accelerated thanks to QuickBooks and can be done very quickly.

QuickBooks also allows you to generate any necessary short-closing statements whenever you need them, for instance when you want to negotiate a bank loan or an overdraft.


At Blendy by Cogesten, online chartered accountant or digital chartered accountant, our aim is to:

  • save you time every day by automating your accouting and financial processes
  • increase your efficiency through seamless communication with our teams
  • improve your business management thanks to KPIs and data updated in real time
  • streamline your financial and work flows through rigorous processes and end-to-end support.

As a QuickBooks accountant for more than 15 years, we support many startups, e-Commerce and international SMEs, such as Anyleads, Dartagnans, Fitle, Adventure Conseil…


Blendy by Cogesten provides its clients a great quality of service while eliminating 100% of their administrative tasks.

By Noham


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