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PrestaShop et QuickBooks pour booster votre e-commerce

PrestaShop and QuickBooks will boost your e-commerce!

Boost your e-shop

You already work with PrestaShop, a turnkey e-commerce solution for managing your online store. Did you know that by connecting PrestaShop and QuickBooks you will boost your e-commerce while saving time daily?

It’s simple. Just add the QuickBooks add-ons to your PrestaShop online store. This allows you to automate your sales management in a snap.

You automatically generate your purchase orders, invoices, credit notes and refunds on QuickBooks for each order placed on your e-shop.

You update in real time your products, stocks and prices added on PrestaShop with your QuickBooks data and vice-versa.

You automatically create for each new customer registered on your e-commerce a customer account on QuickBooks.

You pass on the VAT, payment methods and delivery fees simultaneously on QuickBooks and PrestaShop.

Optimize your processes

By connecting these two smart solutions, you ensure that your business and accounting data is always up-to-date and synchronized in real time.

In addition, by eliminating manual entries and automating your sales process, you also eliminate the risk of errors or information entered in duplicate.

In the end, you save valuable time every day and have real-time visibility into your business.


Not convinced yet? At Blendy by Cogesten our e-Commerce customers have already set up this sales booster. We systematically support them to set up their systems and documents. And the results are there!

If you want to check, call us, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to take advantage of these benefits too.


BbyC, French & international CPA certified QuickBooks, helps you automate your sales process and eliminate 100% of your administrative tasks.

By Noham

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