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Blendy Qonto et Quickbooks pour mieux gérer votre trésorerie

Qonto + QuickBooks = Take control of your cash flow!

Better manage your cash flow

Managing your cash is a little (let’s say a lot) the sinews of war when you manage a small business, start-up or as entrepreneur. And having a real-time view of your treasury is essential, if not vital, when you want to effectively manage your company’s growth and financial health.

Today, by connecting Qonto and QuickBooks you will simplify your life and manage your business more serenely, and this is not a negligible!

Thanks to Qonto …

Qonto provides a professional bank account 100% online. In addition to traditional transactions (transfers, credit card payments…), Qonto allows to follow in detail your expenses and collections. You have visibility in real time on payment methods (check, bank, cashier) and on the nature of the operations (purchase, sale, withdrawal …). You also manage your expense reports more easily. Just take a picture of your expense proofs and immediately add them to your online account.

and QuickBooks!

And by synchronizing everything with QuickBooks, your online accounting and management software, you’ll go even further!

QuickBooks will recover in real time your data and receipts, and automatically update your accounting. Moreover, with QuickBooks, you will be able to anticipate your expenses and automatic withdrawals (social, taxes, insurance, suppliers …) as well as your receipts. Because QuickBooks gives you, thanks to its different dashboards, all visibility on forecasted customer payments, supplier debts, etc. An easy way to anticipate and control your cash flow forecast!

So, do not wait any longer to regain control of your cash flow and automate all your financial processes. Blendy by Cogesten supports you to configure and connect your QuickBooks with your other apps and management tools.


You save valuable time every day and manage your business optimally.
And in addition, take advantage of our teams’ advice at any time to boost your growth.


Blendy by Cogesten, French & international CPA certified QuickBooks, helps you automate and streamline your financial and accounting processes.

By Noham

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