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QuickBooks and Stripe: Automating your Sales

Stripe is a must among current online payment solutions. QuickBooks the major player in online accounting for SMEs.

With the Stripe app, your customers can pay by credit card directly on your website. They are not redirected to an external page. They never leave your website and the payment form is fully customizable. And besides, your invoices are generated automatically when your customer’s credit card is debited.

Invoicing without intervention

You no longer have to manually transfer Excel files or pdf invoices one by one to your Accountant. QuickBooks will directly retrive the invoices issued in Stripe, complete the corresponding fields within the sales module and transmit the information to your accounting team.

Your accountant only has to check online the items received, establish the collected VAT and report any eventual blocking points.

Simplified credit note management

When you need to establish a credit note the process is identical. As soon as you issue a credit note within Stripe, it is automatically transferred to QuickBooks. And that, without having to intervene.

In summary, from the entry of payment information by your customer to your VAT return, you have nothing to do. Everything is managed automatically, in real time and safely.

By reducing your paperwork, you gain valuable time to focus on the quality of your customer service, marketing, and other topics that require your attention. You can also simply take the chance to have a good time and take a deep breath between two big projects.

BbyC, French and international CPA certified QuickBooks, supports its customers in automating and digitizing their processes to remove 100% of their administrative tasks.

by Noham

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