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Blendy Receipt Bank et Quickbooks pour gagnez du temps

Receipt Bank: more time and more efficiency

In a small company, the motto is often “multi-skilling”! You must be able to do everything. Sell ​​and generate revenue, find new customers, make sure they pay on time while paying your suppliers, promote your business on social networks, update your website …

In short, the list is long, and you can quickly run out of time once you need to handle also your time-consuming administrative tasks.

At Blendy by Cogesten, we know that your time is precious. That’s why most of our customers have connected their QuickBooks accounting software with a simple and effective apps: Receipt Bank

Do not lose any more your payment receipts

You probably accumulate credit card slips, restaurant receipts and other minibills. A pile of small papers that you store, in the best case carefully in your wallet, or usually somewhere in your desk drawers. With the risk of losing them or simply forgetting them.

Now, with Receipt Bank everything becomes (much) easier. Just take a picture of your credit card receipt or your restaurant bill with your smartphone. Receipt Bank saves them and then stores them securely on its servers. Not only do you not lose them anymore, but you also get rid of the manual entry of your expenses into any Excel file.

Recover your recurring bills automatically

With Receipt Bank, you can connect your recurring suppliers in just a few clicks and automatically import your monthly Internet bill, phone bill and other monthly subscriptions. No need to connect to multiple web sites to download your bills one by one. Receipt Bank manages the process without your intervention. Another time-consuming task saved!

Send it all to your accountant without lifting a finger

And by connecting QuickBooks with Receipt Bank you gain even more time and comfort. Indeed, all the receipts you have scanned with your phone are sent in real time from Receipt Bank to QuickBooks and the corresponding accounting entry is created automatically. And your monthly recurring bills? Ditto! Once recovered with Receipt Bank, they are immediately transmitted to QuickBooks and registered automatically in your accounts. And then, you can check in real time on QuickBooks your expenses, receipts, VAT, etc.

In conclusion, Receipt Bank allows:

  • Collecting more efficiently your receipts and bills
  • Get rid of manual entry of your expense reports, invoices, etc.
  • Ensure you have accurate book-entries you could access in real-time 
  • And, earn each day several hours of work, that you will (finally) be able to devote to what is essential


BbyC, French & international CPA certified QuickBooks and Receipt Bank, helps you eliminate your time-consuming tasks and automate your financial processes.

By Noham

Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) – #ExpetsComptables3.0 – certified QuickBooks and Receipt Bank
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