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Overhead costs, an important expense item for VSEs – SMEs

Les frais généraux englobent généralement les éléments suivants :

Overhead expenses generally include the following items:

  • Consumables (office supplies, cleaning products, tools, etc.)
  • Technical services (cleaning, reception, logistics, security…)
  • Intellectual services (communication, legal, research…)
  • Investments (works, fittings, IT equipment, etc.)
  • Taxes and contributions (property taxes, professional taxes, contributions…).

However, these overheads represent nearly 15 to 25% of a company’s turnover. Optimizing these costs is therefore essential, especially for VSEs and SMEs. Indeed, when you are a small company, it is not always easy to negotiate the best purchase prices.

First of all, because you usually order smaller volumes. Secondly, because you do not always have the time and in-house resources to negotiate more advantageous terms with your suppliers.

We Buy, the kost-killer solution for small businesses

French start-up, We Buy is a French start-up offering a smart management solution that allows small companies to outsource their purchasing function. The solution is positioned as a central purchasing unit with negotiated framework agreements with several suppliers for a multitude of products and services.

More advantageous prices

By pooling the needs of its members, We Buy allows them to benefit from 15 to 65% savings on their purchases. Economies of scale to which a small company alone would not have had access.

And the framework contracts negotiated with each of the suppliers are not simply limited to the price. They also include advantageous conditions on maintenance, delivery times and a variety of other advantages (environmentally friendly products and processes, etc.)

More effective management

We Buy provides a dedicated platform that centralizes all products and services at reduced prices. It allows you to easily place and manage your orders, track your invoices and purchase history. You no longer have to contact the different suppliers one by one and negotiate the terms. This will save you time and serenity.

It also integrates specific features according to the different types of suppliers (frequency management, retrieving products ordered via the platform, etc.).

To date, We Buy already offers a catalogue of 14 supplier categories, covering office supplies, snacking, photography, telephony and much more.

Tailor-made support

A team of experinced buyers and a dedicated contact person will support you at all times. At the beginning of the collaboration to assess your needs and immediately identify the expenses that can be reduced. Then to take charge of all your purchases and manage any contingencies.

For specific services or products not yet listed in the catalogue, We Buy teams will on demand source the right supplier for you. They will also manage the entire process: the call for tenders, negotiate the conditions, help with contractualization and even monitor implementation.

We Buy is thus an awesome kost-killing tool dedicated to VSEs and SMEs! And new members are currently benefiting from 6 months of free membership.


Of course, with Blendy by Cogesten, QuickBooks certified digital CPA, you will also be able to automatically reflect your receipts in your accounting and QuickBooks. This allows you to better control and manage your cash flow, a key factor for small structures.

Blendy by Cogesten, international online CPA, supports you to streamline your financial process while eliminating 100% of your administrative tasks without added value.

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