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Simplified lead management with Zapier and QuickBooks

The challenges of a start-up

To start small and to stay small is not the same thing. Every business starts small, initially with one person and an idea, and grows up from there. This growth is synonymous with more customers and more people to take care of them. But sometimes, a company prefers to grow more slowly. This implies that the team in place will also have to deal with a larger workload.

As a result, the daily tasks of your team will multiply drastically. Whether responding to emails, checking Slack or creating and managing contacts, client accounts, payments, etc. And once you’re away, even for just a day, when you get back, your to-do list becomes almost insurmountable.

This way, the repetitive tasks associated with managing a growing customer base can quickly overwhelm you. Between creating leads in your CRM, tracking and capturing payments across multiple platforms… Not only will you be overwhelmed, but you’ll also feel frustrated at not being able to accomplish everything within a day.

Automate your workflows with Zapier and QuickBooks

Though, you need to be able to focus in priority on sales rather than managing data entries. After all, no one starts a business hoping to process and copy daily data from one system to another.

By connecting Zapier and QuickBooks, you will significantly reduce your to-do list. For example, Zapier allows you to instantly create a new customer account in QuickBooks for each new lead registered. Zapier will also be able to find an existing customer and automatically associate an action or payment.

Before Zapier, creating and managing leads involved copying and pasting information from one form or appointment request into another system. And it was necessary to repeat the operation for each new lead.

Zapier and QuickBooks now directly handle lead management and update your customer accounts.

You got the point, it does not take much to be able to streamline your daily workload. And it’s not because you’re a small team that you should not enjoy it! So what are you waiting for?


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