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Slack and Quickbooks, the combination for an accounting revolution?

Modernizing and digitizing the relationship between the business owner and his accountant is our main objective. And this means first changing the way they communicate. The challenge is to improve communication while speeding up response times and eliminating the risk that a message remains unanswered. And this is now possible with Slack.

At Blendy, thanks to the integration of the Slack and QuickBooks, we communicate faster and more efficiently with our clients.

Connected to your Slack account, our requests arrive directly in your “Accounting” channel. Your answers are instantly read by our teams within Slack. No more wasted time searching for our emails, since our exchanges are recorded in the flow of the discussion.

In addition, thanks to the Slack app, you can also follow and view our requests directly on your smartphone. You have the freedom to respond immediately or once you are back at your desk.

Other benefit we love at Blendy, is that we can send you a list of missing items directly via QuickBooks and then track in real time when and which document has been sent. The guarantee to gain even more efficiency!

Blendy by Cogesten, French & international CPA certified QuickBooks, aims to eliminate 100% of your tasks without added value!

By Noham

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