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Start-ups: How do you manage growth?

When you are piloting a start-up, you quickly have to face situations that may directly impact the futur of your company. Even if your business is profitable and growing, it can still be in default.

Between the payment delays of your customers (if they pay) and the your suppliers’ terms of payment, you can quickly be strangled. And these cashflow gaps are among the main causes of bankcrouptcy.

1 business out of 4 in France ceases its activity following an outstanding payment

However, as an entrepreneur, you may not be comfortable with numbers, and even more with accounting. You probably still lack experience in business management and must learn to better anticipate your cashflow and the famous “working capital requirement“.

For this, being supported by experts is essential. Startups can not concentrate all talents, they have to learn to surround themselves. This is recicely the added value of consulting and accounting firms, which guide the company throughout its growth.
Because a lack of support can lead startups to make bad decisions, which quickly become fatal for such small structures.

And what about you? How do you manage growth?

Keen to learn more? Let’s have a call with Noham Layani, co-founder of Blendy.

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by Noham

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