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Extrait Kbis gratuit via MonIdenum

The French “extrait Kbis” certificate is now free of charge

What is an “extrait Kbis” in France?

In France a certificate of incorporation is called “extrait Kbis“. It is an official document issued by the Registrar Office of the Commercial Court (Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce). This document confirms the legal existence of your company and its registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

It includes:

  • the name of the registration office
  • company information (legal form, capital, company name, founder, head quarter, trade name, etc.)
  • the registration number
  • the activity code

Generally, you will have to provide this “company ID” when opening a business bank account, to answer calls for tenders or requests of your accountant. For instance, if you wish to work with Blendy, French online CPA, we will ask you to provide this certificate as starting point of our collaboration.

The French “Kbis” now free of charge!

Until now, obtaining this certificate of incorporation in France was unfortunately not free of charge, even if the cost was rather reasonable (less than 4€). But since this certificate is only valid for a period of 3 months, you were often obliged to renew your certificate (and budget) several times within a year.

But that was before!
Since October 2019, as legal representative of a French company you can get in a few clicks a recent French Kbis certificate free of charge. Indeed, in the continuity of the latest French financial laws, the Registry has set up a secure online platform: MonIdenum (available currently only in French).

The purpose of this platform is to simplify the lives of business leaders by making it easier for them to contact the Registry. Today, companies registered in the RCS, RSAC or RSEIRL can therefore obtain their certificate of incorporation for free and as often as necessary on the MonIdenum website.

From now on, to obtain your French “Kbis extract”, simply register on the portal by providing a copy of your ID-card or passport, your company name, your email address and your phone number. The system will then automatically verify this information with the Registry records. Your account is instantly confirmed, which allows you to generate a unique authentication key.

Then, you simply connect to your dedicated space with this key and download your certificate via the “Kbis & Performance” tab. It’s that simple and quick!

This makes indeed registered companies’ life easier!


Blendy by Cogesten, online CPA, supports you to streamline your financial processes while eliminating 100% of your administrative tasks.

By Noham


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