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Tired of wasting time with your monthly billing?

It’s simple. If you don’t send invoices to your customers, you won’t get paid… And any delay in your invoicing also delays your collections, and therefore the payment of your suppliers, taxes, etc. In short, in the end it’s a disaster…

You do get the point: invoicing is for any company a constraining task, but above all essential for essential for its proper functioning and survival.

Stop stress now!

Either, you invoice as you go, and must therefore devote several hours to it every week. Time that you cannot devote to your operational activity and to your customers.

Or you are billing at the end of the month. And that’s no better. You often have to block one or even two days to retrieve your quotes (if you have issued any), create and edit your invoices and send them to your customers.

Today, you already know that you need a solution to automate this time-consuming and cumbersome process. And, there is a really simple and powerful solution that will make your life so much easier: QuickBooks!

Switch to QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software in the world with more than 5 million business clients. It includes many smart features to automate your finance process and above all a very user-friendly invoicing tool to simplify the creation and sending of all your invoices, fee notes, quotes, etc.

Start by creating your client accounts on QuickBooks. Fill in the name, address and especially the contact email. Indeed, by entering the email address, you can then send the invoice to your client via QuickBooks with a simple click and without having to go through your email system again. You can also enter the customer’s VAT number and the specific payment terms for each customer if wanted.

Then create your different products and services. Define the titles, prices, VAT and the corresponding accounting category. You can afterwards still customize these elements, add discounts and rebates.

Once validated, your invoice is automatically sent to your customer by email.

Go even further

You can also create easily advance invoices, transform quotes into invoices in one click and create credit notes if required.

Of course, all your invoices, quotes, etc. can be personalized with your logo, colours, terms and conditions, etc. Simply use a template from QuickBooks or create your own. You can even import templates you already have created.

QuickBooks will also automatically send your customers a reminder according to the payment terms you have set up. A dedicated report will allow you to follow up on your payments and unpaid invoices without you having to lift a finger…

And icing on the cake: you don’t have to bother sending your invoices to your accountant anymore. All you have to do is create an access to your QuickBooks account that will allow him to retrieve all the elements directly. And of course, all your items are saved and archived in a securely, so you can access them whenever you want.

Let’s get started!

Reluctant to get started? You think you’ll never have the patience to configure everything, that you’re bound to make mistakes… Don’t panic! We’re here to help you! Blendy by Cogesten, a QuickBooks certified international CPA for more than 15 years, has already helped many companies maximize the potential of QuickBooks.

And, saving you time every day by automating and digitizing your financial and accounting processes is our hobby-horse! So, if you don’t know how to start, if you’re still hesitating, just ask our teams.


At Blendy by Cogesten, a QuickBooks certified online accountant, our goal is to eliminate 100% of your non-value-added tasks by automating your financial and accounting processes.

By Noham


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