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Why choose QuickBooks as an accounting software?

At Blendy by Cogesten we have since long time made the choice to work with the QuickBooks solution with and for our customers. Here’s why!


It is essential to strengthen your credibility towards your customers, suppliers, etc. and thanks to professional documents and brand image. With QuickBooks, add in a few clicks your logo, your colors, your terms and conditions, legal notices to your invoices, quotes, fees …


QuickBooks also allows you to automate the edition and transmission of all your invoices, quotes, etc. Stored and archived on the platform in a secure way, you can access them at any time and do not lose any more documents. And of course, your data and documents are securely stored in the Cloud in compliance with the regulations in force.


Managing cash flow is always a difficult and time-consuming exercise. However, this has a decisive impact on the development of your business and can, in the worst case, call into question the durability of your business. With QuickBooks, you schedule the frequency and sending out of your reminders to more easily manage your client in default. In addition, QuickBooks provides many dashboards to track all your essential KPIs. You gain visibility on your cash flow and can better anticipate potential hazards and take the right decisions at the right time.


With QuickBooks you can connect more than 750 apps to your accounting system. This automates and streamlines many of your workflows and helps your business run smoothly. For example, connect your bank account with Receipt Bank to have your receipts and disbursements automatically reflected in your accounting. You can also connect your cash register and other apps to manage your expense reports for example. The best way to pilot more serenely and with more foresight your daily activity.


At Blendy, we measure the benefits of this solution every day. So, to better collaborate with our customers, we connected QuickBooks also with Slack. This allows us to communicate with them more easily and to share documents and comments in an intuitive and immediate way. The guarantee for everyone to save time and increase efficiency.

And, best of all: as a QuickBooks certified accounting firm, Blendy also supports you in setting up and configure all the elements, processes, invoices, reminders, apps, etc. within QuickBooks.

So, do not wait any longer! Call us or book a call to take advantage of these many benefits and improve your efficiency every day!


With Blendy French & international CPA certified QuickBooks, (finally) access value-added benefits to optimize the management of your business.

By Noham

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