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With GoCardless increase your customer satisfaction!

To access your services, do your customers pay a monthly subscription, quarterly or even one-off invoices?

So you probably know, running every month after client payements is time-consuming and weary. Between reminders, manual cheque entry, card payments follow-up, and in addition book entry, you spend at least one day a month, if not more.

Automate your Direct Debit collection

With GoCardless, a smart banking solution for small and large businesses, you can now save time and increase efficiency. This online payment platform allows you to collect easily Direct Debit payments, whether for recurring or one-off invoices.

You simply create your account and then configure the details of your offer: amount, frequency and duration. Then, simply send your client a link or an email via the platform, and GoCardless takes care of the rest.

For recurring withdrawals, the process is almost identical. Invite your customers to complete once a Direct Debit mandate. Then simply schedule the upcoming payments and GoCardless handles the rest for you.

Manage the unexpected

With GoCardless you follow in detail your payments. So you can easily achieve your bank reconciliation, and above all better manage outstanding payments.

Furthermore, you are informed in real time when a Direct Debit is refused because of an insuffent credit of your client. Thus, you can immediately make the necessary steps, like alert your customer or even stop his subscription. This will substantially reduce your losses.

And make customers happy

So, no need to send a Direct Debit request by mail or email to your customer, wait for him to return it, and then transfer it to your bank or manually enter it into your account.

With GoCardless, everything is handled online, securely and automatically. Necessarily, you will gain time on the your payment collection. Time your customers have saved just like you, as they do not have to worry about making a transfer in due time, nor to check if the cheque has been sent …

In addition, your customers receive an automatic reminder before the upcoming Direct Debit. And on their bank statement they will see the name of your company with the debit. This facilitates their bank reconciliation as well. And avoid them calling you several times to check if the debit has been done properly.

In short, you have both, you and your client, saved time you can use to discuss strategy and development rather than paperwork …

And of course, at Blendy by Cogesten, your QuickBooks Certified Online Accountant, we support you in setting up GoCardless and integrating the solution with QuickBooks. Like this, even the invoice creation will be automated. Want to know more? Just book a call!


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By Noham

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