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Audit of accounts

When you manage a company, you must file a number of returns (VAT, Corporate Tax, etc.) as well as annual accounts. We will review your accounting data to ensure your figures are structured and accurate. Accordingly, we will prepare all necessary declarations to meet your financial objectives.

Corporate tax returns

As a company, you must file your corporate income tax return at your fiscal year end.
We will draw up your Annual Accounts and your corporate tax return in line with your financial objectives, and will support you in making the right fiscal choices.

Tax alignment

Your long-term personal financial objectives should be in line with the development of your business. 
We will work with you to make sure your requirements are aligned with your long-term goals. Thus, we will make sure to determine together an adapted breakdown between salary, bonus or dividends, and an optimal legal and financial structure of your business.

Audit assignments

Some companies must appoint an external auditor to carry out an audit of their accounts. We will work with you to compile your financial statements and prepare the auditor's report.
We will also liaise with the external auditor to free you from this task.

Budget and cash flow

Most businesses need to keep a close eye on their cash flow. We will provide you with the right tools to manage and anticipate your working capital needs, and define a budget that allows you to reach your financial and business objectives.

Loans, grants and financing

As a start-up or an established business, you may be looking for funding or for a bank loan. We will prepare and review with you the pro-forma accounts, applications and other documents required to obtain your financing.

Sole proprietorships and companies subject to French income tax

Industrial and commercial benefits (ICB) subject to French income tax

When managing a sole proprietorship, you must complete the tax declaration form 2033 for Industrial and Commercial Profits. In this case we will review your accounting data to ensure that your figures are structured and accurate, and prepare the required declarations according to your financial objectives.

Non Commercial Profits (Bénéfices non Commerciaux - BNC)

When managing a sole proprietorship in France, you must file the tax declaration form 2035 if you are subject to non-commercial profits (BNC). We will review your accounting data to ensure your figures are correctly structured and accurate, and prepare all required declarations according to your financial goals.

Fiscal support

Your long-term personal financial objectives should be in line with the development of your company.
We will work alongside you to match your requirements to your long-term ambitions. We will advise you in particular on the fiscal and legal choices available to you.

Accounting and payroll entries

Accounting entries and bookkeeping

Dedicate your time at last to what you prefer: your core business! And let us handle the accounting entries. We will set up a process that ensures your banking and credit card transactions are properly allocated by linking income and expenditure directly to receipts and invoices.


If you are subject to VAT, you must file monthly, quarterly or semi-annual returns. We will systematically validate the items prepared by you, fully manage this step, and file your VAT returns for each period in due time.

Social & Payroll

If you have employees, we will implement adapted tools to streamline your payroll process. We will manage the incorporation of new employees, remittances of funds to administrative organisations, pay slips, employment declarations (DUEs) and settlement of all accounts. We will also prepare your employment contracts. More importantly, we will make sure your employees get the right amount on the right date.employés reçoivent le bon montant à la bonne date.

Technology and systems

Integration of applications

The choice of your accounting and administrative tools and software can have a direct impact on the profitability and performance of your business. Whether you want to work remotely, manage complex projects or streamline your inventory monitoring, we will work with you to identify your options, and define the right tools for your requirements. Following a precise action plan, we will manage the implementation of the tools and the training of your teams to ensure a smooth transition.

Training and support

Whether you want to prepare your accounting by yourself or automise your business processes, we will provide you with appropriate training and support throughout our collaboration. Our team is always available to answer your questions, review your documents and share important updates, so you can continue to grow with us!

Entrepreneurship and Start-up

Are you setting up a business? We will help you!

If you plan to start your own business, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a company, the possible legal forms, the optimal accounting system to choose from, and a bunch of other questions. We will support you to ensure a successful launch of your company.

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