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Dext (former Receipt Bank)

The integration of Dext (former Receipt Bank) and QuickBooks offers many advantages, like automated invoice and cash collection.

Avoid wasting time and become faster and more productive

Dext (former Receipt Bank) is a mobile application that allows businesses to save time on managing their administrative tasks and reduce their work without adding value.

World leader in its field, more than 100,000 companies in the world already use the Dext solution.

A mobile application for instant scanning

With Dext‘s easy-to-use app, you can take a picture of your invoices, receipts, and expense reports you normally have in paper format. With just one click, you digitize your documents and instantly send them to your Dext Accountant (Comptable Dext, former Receipt Bank).

Save time

Thus, the combination of Dext and your Online Accountant (or Receipt Bank Accountant) allows you to digitize part of your finance function. You easily automate the collection, retrieval and publication of all your invoices details including your expense reports. You no longer have to send these documents by email or mail to your Dext Accountant. He can consult them directly from his user space thanks to the access that you set up for him.

Improve the work of your Online Accountant

Thanks to Dext, your Digital Accountant is autonomous and you no longer have to follow and check what has been sent. There is (finally!) no more loss of data or documents. Your Chartered Accountant and Dext assure you serenity and efficiency and reduce your tasks without added value.

Fluidify the communication

Thanks to its integrated communication tools, Dext allows an incredible fluidity in the communication between companies and their Dext Accountants. This allows everyone to focus on topics that are really important for the development of your business.

Integrated with QuickBooks Online

Dext allows you to go even further, thanks to its various integrations, and especially with QuickBooks Online. With Dext, the items sent to your QuickBooks Accountant are automatically saved in your books. An electronic copy of your invoices is stored and accessible directly in QuickBooks. And your financial reports generated by QuickBooks Online will in real time reflect the collected data, giving you more visibility on the financial health of your business.

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