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Accounting expertise at the service of ecology

Accounting and ecology expertise with Blendy, certified digital accountant Pennylane

Blendy, accompanying accountant and transition facilitator

A good accountant is constantly informed about innovations, challenges and regulations that can impact your business. The  blockchain , the  NFT  and the cryptocurrencies  are innovations that we have seen happen. The single window is a regulation that we have seen coming.

The environment is also a challenge that we see on the horizon and which clearly tells us that we must act. Beyond a personal commitment, the company must also take into consideration this issue, which is so important for our future and that of our children.

In addition to accounting for your business, Blendy, digital accountant is also at your side to help you in your ecological transition .

3 possibilities to change the world

Purchases of services from third parties

Purchasing external services to ensure an improvement in your CSR approach is an easy-to-access and not very widespread practice for improving the environment. For example, you can start by carrying out a carbon assessment of your activities and knowing the essential and priority actions to implement.

Donations to associations

Donating to associations is also widespread and rather simple to set up. Pay particular attention to tax reductions which quickly reach their maximum level and which prevent having a significant ecological impact.

Mission-driven companies

Becoming a mission-driven company also involves modifying the statutes of your company to integrate an environmental and social mission.

However, modifying the statutes of your company is impactful... The mission or reason for being will depend on your needs, desires and expertise. All companies succeed thanks to performance management and a mission is a management modifier.

As an accounting firm, we are here to support you at all stages of your environmental transition.

Whether it is the creation of financial plans, advice, stakeholder audits, CSR audits, expert searches... we can help you in all aspects that you deem important.

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Contact us to find out how we can help you count your efforts in favor of the environment!

With  Blendy , French digital accountant take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

Pennylane ,  Dext ,  QuickBooks and Stripe  experts, we support digital and IT service companies, e-Commerce, SaaS, SMBs, in France and internationally .


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