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The 5 selection criteria for your digital accounting - Part 2

Finding a digital accounting firm is complex today. To help you, we offer you a series of 5 articles covering the 5 essential selection criteria. Here is episode 2!

Blendy digital accountant helps you define your needs

Are digital accounting and an automated finance process really useful to my business?

We have already revealed to you in a previous article the 1st selection criterion that you must have in mind to choose your cabinet digital accountant . Here is the 2nd essential criterion.

Criterion 2: Your needs

Your needs... a vast subject which requires an objective response, but which is unfortunately often answered with subjectivity...

Here is a list of questions that will help you define your needs.

What are your company's accounting needs?

Start by asking yourself some general questions:

  • Do you have to manage a lot of financial data flows ( cash flowinvoicingpayroll , etc.)?

  • Does your business need to go digital to grow faster?

  • Does your activity need to be managed on a day-to-day basis or is an annual review sufficient?

  • What is your appetite for digital and digital applications?

  • How much do you want to invest in your accounting?

Then, dig deeper into the subject to find out what will make the difference to support the growth of your business

  • Are your accounts up to date?

  • How much time do you spend per month transmitting your information to your accountant?

  • How often do you communicate with your accountant?

This point is essential to begin the digitization of your accounting. Indeed, digitizing your  accounting means automating a large part of your finance process .

This allows you to save precious time in your daily management. And you no longer have to worry about details (such as transmitting supporting documents or managing your expense reports, for example) which are managed automatically.

What is the level of development of your business?

A digital accountant   will be able to support you in implementing these automations , and will be responsible for checking the accuracy of the data reported in your accounting.

  • At what level of growth is your business?

  • Is it stabilized, in fundraising, soon to be a unicorn?

A growing company  needs to know and master its financial indicators  in real time to sustain his growth. The  applications  and  digital tools provide simplified and faster access to these indicators. The role of your digital accountant  will be to support you in the analysis and understanding of these indicators.

This will ultimately allow you to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • What level of internationalization are you at?

  • National, European, international level? Or even interstellar?

Managing the accounting of several subsidiaries around the world is often complex. Even more so when it is necessary to combine French and Anglo-Saxon accounting rules.

The  account consolidation  will be done even more easily, if you have digitized your accounting  and your  finance process  upstream.

Obviously, an accounting firm  like  Blendy  which also includes a international and multilingual team will be a plus, especially if it also masters digital accounting tools .

So this is the 2nd criterion that must be taken into account when you decide to digitize your accounting and work with a  digital accountant  🚀🚀🚀🚀

Contact us to find out how we support you to consolidate the development of your business thanks to digital!

With  Blendy , French digital accountant take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

Pennylane ,  Dext ,  QuickBooks and Stripe  experts, we support digital and IT service companies, e-Commerce, SaaS, SMBs, in France and internationally.


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