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Vadim Sokolov

As soon as Noham spoke about Blendy by Cogesten and his ambition to improve the life of the entrepreneur, I joined the project. After a first inconclusive experience in a traditional accounting firm, I worked more than 5 years within a company as internal Accountant (of which Netco sport or La Ruche who said yes). Participating in the development of a company was what motivated me.

However, the essence of Blendy’s project and because it is completely different from the traditional players, convinced me to join once again an accounting firm. Now, I help many entrepreneurs to realize their dreams!

When I’m not at work, I’m with my family or friends enjoying the terraces and places in Paris.

And if my colleagues sometimes make fun of me it’s because I’m keen on luxury goods and when I love something, you can be sure that’s what’s more expensive!

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