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Finthesis recommended by Blendy French digital accountant


Finthesis transforms your accounting data into visual and dynamic financial analyzes

Are you a business manager, financial manager or accountant and would you like to have a clear and concise vision of the financial situation of your company or your customers?


Are you tired of spending hours manipulating Excel files or deciphering complex dashboards?



Are you looking for a simple, fast and effective tool to analyze your accounting data and make the best decisions?


Finthesis transforms your raw accounting data into visual and dynamic financial analyses.


In a few seconds, and without training, you access KPIs, financial ratios, interactive graphs and summary tables which allow you to understand the profitability, cash flow, balance sheet and income statement of your company or your clients.


Finthesis adapts to all accounting data sources: you can import an Accounting Entries File (FEC), a General Ledger or connect directly to your accounting software via an API.

Finthesis saves you time and value: you no longer need to use data analysts or expensive and complex software to carry out your financial analyses. You have an intuitive tool that is accessible at any time, from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can share your analyzes with your colleagues, partners or customers in one click, in the form of PDF reports or secure web links.


In summary


Financial management, Cashflow, Financial analysis


Growing company, SaaS, eCommerce, ESN, French or international SME

Create a digitalized finance process that supports your growth

Contact us to find out how we can support you!

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