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Our accounting and of financial services will be really useful to your if your business generates more than 500K€ turnover (or has been in operation for more than two years) and is already using online applications for your activity.

Nos services comptables et de gestion financière vous seront réellement utiles si votre entreprise génère plus de 500K€ de chiffre d'affaires (ou est en activité depuis plus de deux ans) et utilise déjà des applications métier pour son activité.

Digital Accounting

Blendy, international accountant - Bookkeeping

Business Taxation

Blendy, French digital accountant - Corporate taxes
  • Annual declarations

  • monthly or quarterly VAT statement

  • Business structuring

  • Return of financial indicators and validation of accounts with you in a digital meeting

Social & Payroll

Blendy, international accountant - Payroll
  • Management of the payroll

  • Nominative Social Declarations

  • Recruitment support

  • Dismissal, contractual termination

  • Control URSSAF

  • Election of staff delegates

CEO Taxation

Blendy, international accountant - CEO taxation
  • Income taxes returns

  • Structuring Dividends/Wages

  • Employee structuring

  • Departure from France / Arrival in France

  • Succession

Accounts Payable

Blendy, international accountant - Cashflow
  • Preparation of outstanding payments

  • Optimization of the Treasury via controlled payment campaigns

  • Optimization of exchange rate

Outsourced CFO

Blendy, international accountant - Outsourced CFO
  • Cashflow forecast / Treasury management

  • Budget & Funding

  • Gap analysis and KPIs (performance, cash flow, etc.)

  • Reporting and presentation to the board of directors / investors / etc.


Expand in France


  • Structuring tax, accounting and social

  • Opening bank accounts

  • Setting up reporting

  • Setting up the mapping sheet

Establish abroad


  • Contact with a local partner & network

  • Structuring tax, accounting and social

  • Design of reportings and management processes (financial, accounting, etc.)

  • Financing

Blendy, French digital accountant - International Services

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