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Blendy international accountant certified partner of Libeo


Libeo is a financial management application that helps businesses automate their financial processes.

Libeo is a French startup that offers a professional expense management solution for businesses.

Here are some key features of Libeo:

  1. Invoice and expense management: Libeo simplifies the process of managing business invoices and expenses. Users can scan and download their invoices via the mobile app or web interface.

  2. Validation and monitoring: The platform allows the validation of expenses by authorized managers within the company. Users can also track the status of their expenses in real time.

  3. Payments: Libeo facilitates invoice payments directly from the platform. Businesses can make payments by bank transfer or direct debit.

  4. Integration with accounting software: Libeo often integrates with accounting software, simplifying the process of syncing financial data.

  5. Task Automation: The platform aims to automate tasks related to expense management, thereby reducing the administrative burden for businesses.

  6. Security: Libeo emphasizes data security, using encryption protocols and robust security practices to protect users' financial information.

In summary, Libeo offers a modern solution to simplify business expense management, with a focus on automation, transparency and ease of use for businesses.

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