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Silae, payroll software to increase productivity


Silae offers solutions for payroll and human resources management via a unified and collaborative platform.

Silae , a gem of French Tech, offers a complete suite of solutions for payroll and human resources management, all on a unified and collaborative platform.

Adopted by more than 900,000 companies, Silae simplifies the daily life of HR and finance teams. And to make it easier for you to integrate your payroll and HR data with your business apps, Blendy, a digital accountant, supports you.

Who is Silae for?

Silae is a 100% online solution which is mainly aimed at VSEs, SMEs, ETIs and accounting firms. The solution adapts to all sectors of activity thanks to its automated management of more than 830 collective agreements.

Thanks to Silae, you have real-time access to all your social data and streamline collaboration between your HR, finance teams and your accountant.

The features that make the difference

The numerous automations offered by the Silae platform will simply make your life easier and guarantee considerable time savings for everyone.


With Silae Payroll, you easily manage all of your pay slips. The software automatically integrates legal and conventional updates, for payroll that is always compliant. You can also digitize and archive your bulletins securely. And, as a specialist in accounting and HR apps, Blendy supports you in this crucial configuration step.


My Silae, Silae's collaborative HR portal, centralizes all your HR data: planning, leave, absences, expense reports, interviews... Your employees gain autonomy and your HR processes are streamlined. Entering payroll variables is also simplified thanks to native synchronization with Silae Payroll.


Silae BI, the integrated Business Intelligence tool, allows you to track your key indicators and generate personalized dashboards. Payroll, turnover, absenteeism... Manage your activity thanks to reliable data updated in real time.

A solution with multiple advantages

  • For managers and HR teams:

By offering a 360° vision of your payroll and HR processes, you save precious time to stay focused on your strategic issues, you make better decisions and simplify your daily management.

  • For accountants:

Thanks to Silae's numerous intelligent automations, the app allows your accountant such as Blendy to secure the production of bulletins and social declarations. The Blendy digital accountant teams can therefore fully devote themselves to their advisory role to help you in your strategic decision-making.

How to migrate to Silae?

Do you use another payroll software? Ask Blendy! As a digital accountant specializing in Silae, we master all the steps and aspects to take into account for a smooth migration to Silae.

You will be surprised by all the possibilities that Silae offers to support the growth of your business!

In summary


Payroll management, HR


Growing company, SaaS, eCommerce, IT service, French or international SME

Create a digitalized finance process that supports your growth

Contact us to find out how we can support you!

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