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Automate your workflows with Zapier and Pennylane

Blendy digital accountant recommends Zapier

The challenges of the start-up

Starting small and staying small are not the same thing in business. Every business starts small, with one person and an idea, and grows from there. This growth means more customers and more people to take care of them.

However, this implies that the team in place will also have to manage a greater workload .

As a result, your team's daily tasks will increase drastically. Whether it's responding to emails , checking Slack or creating and managing contacts, customer accounts, payments, etc. And when you're away, even for just a day, when you return, your to-do list becomes almost insurmountable.

So the repetitive tasks associated with managing a growing customer base can quickly overwhelm you. Between creating leads (qualified prospects) in your CRM , tracking and entering payments  on several different platforms... You will not only be overwhelmed, but you will also feel frustrated at not being able to do everything accomplished in one day.

Automate your workflows with Zapier and Pennylane

However, you need to be able to focus primarily on sales rather than managing data entry . After all, no one starts a business hoping to be able to process and copy data from one system to another on a daily basis.

By connecting Zapier and Pennylane , you will significantly reduce your to-do list. Zapier, for example, allows you to instantly create a new customer account in Pennylane for each new lead recorded. Zapier will also be able to find an existing customer in your CRM for example and automatically associate an action or payment in Pennylane.

Before Zapier , creating and managing leads involved copying and pasting information from a form or meeting request into another system. And the operation had to be repeated for each new lead.

From now on, Zapier and Pennylane directly manage lead management and updating your customer accounts.

So it doesn't take much to be able to optimize your daily workload.

And just because you're a small team doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of it! So what are you waiting for to get started?

Contact our teams now to take your digital accounting to the next level!

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