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Finthesis x Blendy: for optimal financial management

To create even more value for our customers, Blendy uses the Finthesis solution. Here's why !

Connect Upflow to Pennylane using Blendy digital accountant

Finthesis x Blendy: for optimal financial management

Imagine a solution that can transform your business. A solution that can take care of your finances while you and your accountant focus on what you do best: growing your business.

This solution exists and combines Finthesis & Blendy  !

Who is Finthesis?

Finthesis , a Lyon start-up created in 2021, aims to simplify the daily lives of finance teams and accounting firms by offering them an innovative Reporting and Data Visualization platform.

With the objective of becoming the reference BI platform, Finthesis  facilitates the production and restitution of financial analyses. Its ease of use allows for quick handling without prior training.

Finthesis is primarily aimed at accountants, outsourced CFOs, financial departments, investors and other advisors, who seek to optimize their financial management and that of their clients.

Why Blendy recommends and uses Finthesis

Blendy   is a digital accounting firm that supports growing companies, SaaS, eCommerce, ESN and international SMEs   to automate their finance process using apps and to sustain their growth thanks to a tailor-made advisory service. Our goal is to create value for your business through truly effective financial management.

Finthesis is a financial platform that offers a complete solution for managing business finances.

  1. Financial process automation  : Finthesis automates financial processes, allowing Blendy, a digital accountant, to focus on your growth.

  2. Accurate financial forecasts  : With Finthesis you can anticipate the future. Its advanced analysis tools allow Blendy teams to make precise financial forecasts to help with strategic decision-making.

  3. Easy integration  : Finthesis easily integrates with other financial software, such as Pennylane , allowing Blendy to deploy a high-performance finance ecosystem and process.

At Blendy , we work closely with our clients to integrate Finthesis into their finance process. We guide them through deployment and synchronization with their existing tools and ensure they get the most out of the platform.

Finthesis is not just a financial tool, it is a real financial ally both for Blendy and for your business.

It can transform the way you manage your finances and help you achieve your growth goals. If you're ready to take your financial management to the next level, contact us at Blendy .

Together we can make your vision a reality.

Contact our teams now to take advantage of all the features of Pennylane and no longer worry about managing your collections.

With  Blendy , digital accountant take advantage of all the advantages of  digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

Pennylane ,  Dext ,  QuickBooks and Stripe  experts, we support digital and IT service companies, e-Commerce, SaaS, SMBs, in France and internationally .


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