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Inventory management & eCommerce: the solution by combining Pennylane and erplain

Are you an eCommerce looking to optimize your accounting management? Then this article is for you!

Blendy recommends Pennylane and erplain

Have you heard of Pennylane and erplain , two digital solutions that promise to make your life easier?

In this article, we will explain to you how these two tools complement each other and how they can help you perform better.

Pennylane, the French accounting solution

Pennylane   is an online accounting platform that allows you to centralize and automate the entry of your accounting data .

This allows you to save time, avoid errors and have a clear view of your financial situation.

Pennylane  connects to your data sources (banking, invoicing, e-commerce, etc.) and automatically retrieves the information necessary for your accounting. You can then access your personalized dashboard, consult your key indicators, edit your accounting documents and communicate with your dedicated accountant.

erplain, the essential for inventory management

Erplain   is sales and inventory management software that allows you to effectively manage your e-commerce activity.

You can create and send quotes, invoices and delivery notes, track your orders and payments, manage your stocks and inventories, and synchronize your data with your sales channels (website, marketplace, etc.).

Erplain   also offers you advanced features like variant management, bundles, barcodes and discounts.

Why combine Pennylane and erplain?

By combining Pennylane and erplain , you benefit from a complete and integrated solution to manage your accounting and e-commerce.

You can thus:

  • Simplify your invoicing process  : invoices created on erplain are automatically sent to Pennylane for accounting.

  • Optimize your cash flow  : you can monitor the payment of your invoices in real time and follow up with your customers in the event of a delay.

  • Improve your profitability  : you can analyze your margins, costs and profits by product, by customer or by sales channel.

  • Comply with your legal obligations  : you can easily generate your VAT returns, balance sheets and income statements.

In conclusion, Pennylane and erplain   are two digital solutions aimed at e-retailers who want to simplify and optimize their accounting and commercial management.

By using them together, you gain efficiency, visibility and performance.

If you would like to know more about these apps and how digital tools can streamline your accounting and workflows, do not hesitate to contact us.

As a digital accountant  we are well aware of the challenges faced by digital companies and eCommerce in particular.

We support you on all these strategic issues for your business. Ask us for advice!

With  Blendy , digital accountant take advantage of all the advantages of  digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

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