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Legal at Blendy with Alex Legal

Blendy + Alex = your accounting up to date and your AGMs executed and always 100% online

Processing fines in business - Blendy certified digital accountant Pennylane & QuickBooks

At Blendy , your digital accountant , we use the best tools available on the market to accomplish the legal missions you entrust to us, such as the creation or transformation of your legal entity, tax planning, etc.

With Blendy and Alex Legal you have the assurance of being compliant and your company is prepared for your future needs.

Alex , our Legal Associate, helps you in all legal areas throughout the life of your company. Because poorly maintained legal documentation can cause problems for entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the Blendy / Alex Legal collaboration you will have the assurance of legal monitoring and constant updates.

Contact us to find out how we help you manage the legal aspects of your business!

With  Blendy , French digital accountant take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

Pennylane ,  Dext ,  QuickBooks and Stripe  experts, we support digital and IT service companies, e-Commerce, SaaS, SMBs, in France and internationally.


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