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Manage your HR stress-free with Pennylane and Payfit

How to save time and improve reliability in payroll and HR management? Easy !

Ask Blendy , your French CPA, to synchronize PayFit and Pennylane !

Connect Payfit and Pennylane to optimize your HR management

Payroll and HR management can be a complex and time-consuming task for French and European companies. Now, by connecting the two applications PayFit and Pennylane , businesses can now benefit from simplified and automated management.

This is where Blendy comes in, a digital accountant  specialized in supporting French and international VSEs and SMEs.

Why connect Pennylane with Payfit

PayFit and Pennylane are the two essential applications for payroll and HR management. PayFit is a French application that digitalizes payroll and human resources management for European VSEs and SMEs. Founded in 2016, it now supports 7,500 companies in Europe. Pennylane is French accounting software that integrates many tools for easier financial management.

Blendy , a digital accountant , specializes in connecting your finance and business applications to streamline your finance process and save you valuable time on a daily basis. We also support companies to connect Payfit and Pennylane . This connection allows automatic synchronization of payroll journal entries in PayFit with accounting entries in Pennylane , providing many benefits for businesses.

Thanks to this automatic synchronization, the time to process and send accounting entries is considerably reduced. The corresponding accounting entries are synchronized with Pennylane as soon as payroll is generated, avoiding delays and manual entry errors.

In addition, this connection between PayFit and Pennylane provides increased reliability in the transfer of data between the two solutions, thus ensuring the security of the entire payroll and HR management process, and avoiding the risk of error and loss of data.

Blendy specialized accountant Payfit

Pennylane also offers other services to help VSEs and SMEs optimize their accounting management . The company offers very comprehensive digital accounting solutions, with innovative features. as a Pennylane partner, Blendy, a digital accountant, supports you with personalized advice for maximized use of the Pennylane application, thus ensuring efficient and secure accounting management.

In summary, thanks to the synchronization of your data between PayFit and Pennylane   carried out with the help of Blendy , European VSEs and SMEs benefit from:

* more efficient payroll and HR management,

* significantly reduced processing and sending times for accounting entries and

* increased reliability in data transfer.

Blendy , an accountant specializing in Pennylane and Payfit, also offers tailor-made services to help companies optimize their accounting and financial management, and thus be able to better focus on their growth.

Ask Blendy to help you sync PayFit and Pennylane and finally enjoy efficient and secure payroll and HR management!


Contact us now to find out how to take full advantage of Pennylane and its many features.

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