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Revolutionizing hotel accounting: the Blendy-Otelco partnership

Blendy & Otelco Partnership for the Hospitality Industry

In a strategic approach to redefine hotel accounting, Blendy, a leading French digital accounting firm , has joined forces with Otelco, a consultant specializing in improving operational management and quality of service in the hotel industry.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards digital transformation for hoteliers, aiming to simplify their accounting processes, improve service quality and increase profitability.

Simplifying accounting for hoteliers

The Blendy-Otelco partnership provides a solution designed to alleviate the often heavy accounting tasks that many hoteliers encounter.

By making accounting digital, this partnership aims not only to save precious time but also to optimize bookkeeping and financial management within hotels, thus allowing hoteliers to concentrate more on improving their service and welcoming their customers.

Benefits for Blendy and Otelco

Blendy French CPA and Otelco
Anna Sokolov, CEO of Otelco & Noham Layani, COE of Blendy

This strategic partnership allows Blendy, French accountant, to strengthen its portfolio of clients in the hotel industry, a sector in constant evolution and in search of digital solutions adapted to its specific needs.

For Otelco , collaborating with a trusted partner like Blendy means offering a secure and proven solution to hoteliers, strengthening its positioning as the advisor of choice for hotels in France.

About Otelco

Blendy & Otelco Partnership for the Hospitality Industry

Otelco specializes in operational management consulting and work organization in the hotel sector.

Focusing on improving service quality and simplifying tasks, Otelco supports hoteliers in managing daily challenges such as difficulty finding and training qualified staff.

Additionally, Otelco offers strategies to increase hotels' visibility on search platforms and maximize their revenue, providing a holistic approach to hotel success.

The partnership between Blendy and Otelco represents a major step forward in the effort to bring innovative and efficient digital solutions to the hospitality sector.

By combining Blendy's accounting and financial expertise with Otelco's hotel management know-how, this collaboration promises to transform the way hotels manage their bookkeeping and operations, allowing them to thrive in a competitive market.

Contact Blendy directly to transform your hotel management and take the next step towards success with the Blendy-Otelco partnership.

With Blendy , English-speaking French CPA, take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and expand your business.

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