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The advantages of short-closing

In many countries, short-closing is the norm. But not yet enough in France. It allows, among other things, to be able to manage your business in a reality where everything is a question of days, or even hours.

Gain visibility on your business thanks to short-closing and Blendy

The periodic short-closing 

This consists of carrying out a monthly closing within 15 days following the end of the month concerned. In other words, on May 15th, your accounts are current as of April 30th.

This is a profound change for the business manager  since, thanks to this method, he can use accounting data and financial  up to date and reliable to manage your business on a daily basis. It will also be used to build its management tools (dashboards, etc.).

The relationship with the digital accountant

It is strengthened and your exchanges evolve to another level of quality with a focus on strategic aspects (advice and support).

And the relationship with your  digital accountant   is also made easier thanks to apps such as Pennylane, Qonto,  QuickBooks or Dext. In fact, these allow you to very easily generate nearly 115 management tables and financial indicators.

Thus, the  short-closing  coupled with Pennylane and Qonto offers you decisive competitive advantages:

  • Know your margin, your gross operating surplus and your net profit in real time

  • Make reliable strategic decisions (growth, cost reduction, payroll management) (because your figures are) to avoid surprises at the end of the year. year

  • Eliminate complicated and stressful year-ends (how to gather all the accounting documents, etc.)

  • Update, almost automatically, your cash flow  each month – you can predict future receipts and disbursements without having to recreate an Excel table

  • Facilitate forecasts of  turnover   in the short, medium and long term

  • Monitor in real time budgets and understand the discrepancies with reality

For all these reasons, Blendy has structured its business processes to make short-closing periodic its working standard. And it is also a decisive strategic tool for our clients.

Blendy English speaking, French digital accountant, supports its clients with  high value-added services to achieve their growth and success.

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With  Blendy , French digital accountant take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

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