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Blendy and Gerem for top management of executive compensation!

In a constantly evolving entrepreneurial world, understanding and optimizing manager compensation has become a crucial issue.

So, is your compensation, as a business manager, as optimized as it could be? How can you ensure that every euro spent on your compensation actually contributes to the growth of your business and yours?

It is in this context and to answer these questions that Blendy, a digital accountant specializing in Pennylane , and Gerem, an innovative compensation optimization platform, are stepping in to transform the financial management of business leaders.

Gerem et Blendy makes it easy to manage executive compensationraiton du dirigeant

Manager's remuneration

What are we talking about ?

The manager's remuneration includes his salary, bonuses, dividends, and other forms of benefits, adapted to his contribution to the company.

Remuneration approaches can vary: fixed salary for stability, variable part linked to performance to encourage results, or a combination of both.

Possible optimizations include adjusting fixed/variable ratios, using dividends to plan taxes, and implementing incentive plans such as stock options, which align the interests of the manager with those of the long-term business.

The impact on the management of the manager's assets

The manager's remuneration also plays a crucial role in the management of his personal and professional assets. Well-structured compensation can not only secure the manager's immediate financial situation but also influence his or her long-term retirement and investment plans.

The various components of remuneration, such as salary, bonuses, dividends, and benefits in kind, must be carefully planned to anticipate taxation and support the growth of the manager's assets, while remaining aligned with the strategic objectives of the company. the company.

Gerem, the expert in executive compensation strategy

Gerem , co-founded by Edouard Crémer, experienced entrepreneur and investor, positions itself as the reference platform for optimizing executive compensation.

Drawing on his experience as co-founder of Sampleo, the European leader in word-of-mouth marketing with more than 1.5 million members and an EBIT exceeding 2 million euros, Edouard Crémer brings to Gerem a valuable expertise in business growth and financial management. His experience as a successful entrepreneur is reflected in Gerem's functionalities, particularly adapted to the real needs of managers.

Thus, Gerem with its 100% online tool allows business leaders to:

  • Make precise trade-offs between remuneration and dividends

  • Compare different statuses (TNS, Assimilated employee, Micro-enterprise)

  • Access quick calculators for income tax, social security contributions and benefits in kind

Blendy, accounting expertise in the digital age

Blendy , a digital accountant , stands out for its modern approach and its use of the latest technologies to simplify the accounting and financial management of companies.

As a Pennylane specialist , Blendy provides its customers with a clear, real-time view of their finances, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly.

Blendy is not just an accounting firm . It is a pioneer in digital accounting that uses cutting-edge technologies to simplify accounting and financial management.

This allows Blendy to offer companies and their managers real-time transparency on their accounts and finances, to better manage and anticipate the growth of their business (and their remuneration).

The advantages of the Blendy-Gerem alliance

  • A global approach to financial management : By combining Blendy's accounting expertise and Gerem's optimization tools, managers benefit from a 360° vision of their financial situation.

  • Extensive customization : Thanks to the Blendy-Gerem alliance, each manager obtains tailor-made advice and simulations to optimize their compensation.

  • Time saving and efficiency : The integration of Blendy and Gerem services simplifies the management of personal and business finances on a single platform, saving time and efficiency.

  • Security and confidentiality : Data is managed with the utmost security, ensuring confidentiality and protection of sensitive information.

How does this synergy work?

  • Accounting Analysis with Blendy : Blendy provides accurate, real-time accounting tracking, providing a solid basis for compensation decisions.

  • Simulation with Gerem : Accounting data is used to perform detailed simulations on Gerem, allowing different compensation strategies to be explored.

  • Personalized advice : Blendy teams, armed with the results of Gerem simulations, will be able to offer you personalized strategic advice that is truly adapted to your situation.

  • Implementation and monitoring : Once the strategy is chosen, Blendy ensures its accounting implementation while Gerem allows continuous monitoring and adjustments if necessary.

Conclusion: A Complete Solution for Modern Leaders

The partnership between Blendy and Gerem represents a significant step forward in business financial management. By combining Blendy's digital accounting expertise and Gerem's compensation optimization tools, this alliance offers managers a complete, modern and effective solution for managing their personal and professional finances.

For business leaders keen to optimize their remuneration while benefiting from cutting-edge accounting support, contact our teams now and discover how this synergy can transform your approach to financial management and remuneration.

With Blendy , English-speaking French accountant, take advantage of digital accounting and tailor-made advice to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

Certified by Pennylane , Dext , QuickBooks and Stripe , we support digital and IT companies, e-Commerce, SaaS, in France and internationally .


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