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Crisp customer and partner of Blendy, digital accountant

What does Crisp offer?

Crisp is a Software Saas, which allows you to manage your customer relations directly on the internet. Crisp allows you to interact with each person who arrives on your website, send them a message and much more!

But Crisp is not just a simple chatbot , it is much more!

Marketing automationCRM, emails ...  Crisp integrates dozens of services around chat, and is doing well further than the usual applications ( Messenger, Twitter, Telegram ).

You can  thus enter into communication  with any user of your site and thus maximize your chances of transforming them into a customer.

Some of these features are paid but many are free.

In use, this  CRM software  et  Marketing is a real gem for anyone who wants to interact intelligently with their customers.


Simple, intuitive and fun to use with sa  MagicMap   which allows you to track the geographic origin of your prospects as well as their actions on your website. We tested it for you and it's really  surprising  !

Thanks to its features,  Crisp  has increased the possibilities and touchpoints that your marketing department can use to launch an online discussion at the right time. Or simply to  enrich the data  on customers and prospects in order to improve your communication.

You can also save contacts in the integrated CRM and send contacts argeted email campaigns to increase the number of your customers!

The Chatbot

In the  free version , only chat is available. Automations that allow contacts to be initiated automatically are chargeable. But the chat is already very well done and allows you to interact in real time .

Little extra  : If you take too long to respond, your prospects/contacts will be able to have fun playing a little video game directly from the  chat .

This software is a gem and the customer support is incredibly responsive and warm!

This  management solution   is intended for any company that would like to interact with its users, collect information about them, obtain opinions quickly about your company and your products, offer offers at the right time, while respecting the rights of users in relation to   their  personal data .

Companies are rushing to their door and their growth is crazy . We look forward to new features that are more impressive and useful for business growth .

Thank you  Crisp  for creating such a tool!

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