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Deduction of representation expenses

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Managers and just like the employees of a company, are often required to meet their customers, suppliers or partners.

However, on this occasion, they generally incur toll feesparking, restaurant and other expenses. More generally, it concerns representation costs.


In France, the representation expenses are deductible only if

* they are committed to the interest of company and

* justifying documents are provided.

Don't forget to mention the names of the people you invite and the company they represent.

Non-deductible expenses

Costs that are not spend in the interest of the company are not deductible. And, this also applies to expenses called in France "expenditure on luxuries", meaning excessive or superfluous expenses.

In France, this concerns in particular any direct support, flat-rate allowance or reimbursement of costs concerning operations relating to:

* Hunting and non-professional fishing.

* The provision of pleasure or pleasure residences.

* The provision of yachts and pleasure boats.

* The  depreciation  of company vehicles above certain thresholds.

To be certain of the correct procedure to follow,  BlendyFrench digital accountant , certified Pennylane, QuickBooks and Dext, advises you and answers your questions.

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