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Digital Accountants: The 3 fundamental changes for you and your business!

You are only 3 changes away from exploding your goals.

QuickBooks and Dext , by Blendy

1/ In real time and all the time thanks to QuickBooks & Dext!

The first big digital change is to allow our customers to consult their financial data regularly and well before April 30 of the following year. This at all times, at any time and on any medium. Also, we have implemented monthly closings (short-closing).

Likewise, you no longer need to contact your accountant to find out the balance of your current account, thanks to QuickBooks and Dext you can obtain an answer to this question by all the time. You gain transparency.

Your entire decision-making process is strengthened  !


2/ No more loss of paper or postal delays

No more accounting documents lost or sent twice. After configuration and with our help, Dext recovers invoices from your suppliers alone and prevents identical invoices from being sent.

It's simple: we only process what is in Dext and you have nothing more to send.


3/ Strengthening presence and advice

By automating the collection of accounting documents, you and we save time. This allows us to devote more time to (i)  analyzing QuickBooks reports and (ii) supporting you on what is important to you.

In addition, the increased use of web conferences strengthens our daily presence.


Blendy, French digital accountant, aims to always improve your daily life by automating all possible business processes.

We want to be the most technologically advanced firm in France to save you even more time.


Contact us to discover how we help you expand your business in France!

With  Blendy French digital accountant take advantage of all the advantages of  digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

PennylaneDextQuickBooks and Stripe certified , we support digital and IT companies, e-Commerce, SaaS, in France and internationally.


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