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Get rid of your unpaid debts with Upflow and Pennylane!

Connecting Upflow to Pennylane saves time monitoring your invoicing and reduces the risk of unpaid bills which can weigh on your cash flow.

Connect Upflow to Pennylane using Blendy digital accountant

Upflow and Pennylane

Financial management is an essential element to guarantee sustainable growth for any business regardless of its size.

And for small businesses this is an even more crucial need. This is why it is important for managers to have effective solutions, particularly for monitoring and managing their customer invoices and especially their collections.

Fortunately, Upflow 's connection to Pennylane   offers many benefits for business leaders today.

‍ Upflow  is debt collection software  which allows companies to track and manage unpaid customer invoices more easily and, above all, more efficiently.

‍ Pennylane , for its part, is accounting software that simplifies accounting  and financial tasks for VSEs and SMEs. And it's also the software we love to use at Blendy .

Why connect them

Avoid errors and oversights

Firstly, connecting these two software programs allows you to manage your invoicing more efficiently without having to worry about manually transferring your unpaid invoices from Pennylane to Upflow .

All customer invoices   are automatically transmitted from Pennylane to Upflow , which saves valuable time. And this prevents you from forgetting a particular creditor or invoice in the process.

Reduce unpaid debts

Connecting Upflow to Pennylane also allows you to improve recovery processes and coordinate the efforts of your finance and sales teams. In addition to the automatic reminder features from your creditors, your team can track collections more easily.

This allows the different members of your team to work together in a more focused manner. This makes it possible to improve the overall management of customer invoices and collections, ultimately reducing payment delays.

Better anticipate your cash flows

One of the most important benefits when you connect and synchronize these two apps is the real-time visibility they provide into customer outstandings and collections performance.

As a manager, you can monitor your cash flow in real time and make the right decisions to ensure the profitability and growth of your business.

Streamline your finance process

Finally, the connection of Upflow and Pennylane allows you to complete the payment methods   made available to your customers to speed up your collection cycles.

This allows your customers to make online payments quickly and easily, improving the customer experience and reducing the risk of late payments.

How to sync your apps

Blendy , a digital accountant , is also a specialist in business apps and their connection to accounting apps such as Pennylane . We help you configure your apps and set up automated processes for seamless synchronization of your financial data  and your accounting elements .

And our support doesn’t stop there! Blendy also supports managers in managing their invoicing and collection processes.

We will check the invoices issued and the collections received in advance, to ensure that the payments are correctly allocated to the correct creditor customers.

And throughout the process, we help you manage your cash flow by defining and monitoring dedicated KPIs. This allows you to stay focused on the profitability and growth of your business.

In conclusion, the connection of Upflow to Pennylane offers numerous advantages to managers of VSEs and SMEs, particularly in terms of financial management.

Thanks to this connection, you are certain to save time and efficiency and you have better visibility on your cash flows which will ultimately also ensure the profitability of your business.

Contact our teams now to take advantage of all the features of Pennylane and no longer worry about managing your collections.

With  Blendy , French digital accountant take advantage of digital accounting to accelerate your finance process and develop your business.

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